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    Premiere Elements 2.0 Capture Question


      I am trying to capture some old VHS tapes onto my computer through my camcorder and into Elements 2.0. I have the setting on the camcorder set to AV --> DV and when I go to the capture mode in Elements, the video, sound, etc. appear fine (this is when I play the tape hitting play on the vcr and all appears well on my computer screen).

      When I go to hit capture, it essentially "pauses" the camcorder...the camcorder screens turns blue (it is not paused though, as the "play" button is lit on the camcorder). The VCR still keeps playing but the video/audio from the VCR does not get to the camcorder or ultimately to the computer. If I hit "stop capture" the camcorder now indicates "pause" and so the video still does not appear. But if I hit the "stop" playback button on the camcorrder, the video appears again on camcorder and on computer.

      When hitting capture again, it is a big circle....camcorder and computer go blue, vcr keeps running and video/audio do not appear until I hit "stop" on camcorder.

      If anyone has any ideas on this, I would greatly appreciate it!