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    Slide Shows

    ken winston
      I have PE4 and PSE6. I use Windows XP, have 2 gigs of RAM and a fat hard drive. All video and audio drivers are up to date.

      I have put together a large slide show, complete with audio and transitions and tried to output it, from PSE to PE by clicking on the output to PE option.

      The problem: nothing happens. Yes, PE opens up to a new project window but the slide show that I tried transferring just disappears into neverland.

      Then I thought I would try using Premiere Elements to get the slideshow. I open the organizer using PE, see all the images in the organizer and even a few movies but cannot find the slide show I created anywhere. When I open the PSE organizer, the slide show is there.

      What is going on here? What happens to the slide show when I output to PE? Does it get sent to cyber heaven? Why can't I find the slide show in the organizer when using PE?

      Do I have to convert the slide show to a video prior to transferring to PE?

      Any help you could provide would be appreciated.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Have you selected the option in Photoshop Elements to output the slideshow to Premiere Elements?

          Once you do this, the slideshow will appear as a single file on your Premiere Elements timeline.

          If you want to break it back into individual slides, you can do so by right-clicking on the slideshow in Premiere Elements and selecting the break apart option.

          BTW, for best results and fastest performance, optimize your photo sizes to no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs at the top of this forum.
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            ken winston Level 1
            Yes, I selected output to slide show to premiere elements however the slide show never appeared on the time line.

            I did optimize the size of the jpgs before I started the slideshow so I dont think that is the problem.

            As related, all drivers are up to date and the hardware seems to be operating as designed. Same with the SW.

            This is a real mystery, eh?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Is it possible that it is on the timeline but in a place you don't see it? (such as on an upper video track or later in your movie?)

              I believe that slideshows automatically appear where your CTI is positioned, on the first available track.

              Scroll up and down your timeline and look at every available video track.

              Also, press the \ key. This will zoom out your timeline and show every video on it. This is a good way to see if there is video "hiding" out there some place.

              Finally, if all else fails, try sending your slideshow to Premiere Elements with Premiere Elements turned off. This will force the feature to launch the program and create a fresh project -- which your slideshow should appear on.
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                ken winston Level 1

                I did look for it on all the various tracks. I also tried sending the slide show with Premiere Elements off and on with no joy.

                What really bothers me is that I don't see the slide show in PE when I use the organizer. I see all the various images and some wmv videos but no slide shows at all. Is this normal?

                I've shut down and rebooted the computer thinking that there might be a SW glitch but that didn't help either. The only way I could get the slide show xfer'd to PE is to render it as a video in PSE but I don't think that should be necessary.

                I'm still scratching my head on this one.....
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Me too. It's always worked for me.

                  If you'd like to explore it further, you could describe exactly what you did and which options you chose to port the slideshow from Photo Elements to Premiere Elements.
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                    Please try this way
                    Output a slideshow from Photoshop elements to Premeiere elements then check the temp diretory. To open temp directory type %temp% in run. In temp directory list latest edited files. check whether you can see a smil file. It should be your slide show name example :- slideshow_number.smil. If its is generated please drag and drop the same file in Premiere elements.