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    PE4 and TIVO Editing

      I am looking for a recommendations for using PE4 (if that is possible) to edit videos that I have recorded using TIVO. There is a great tool for quickly batch converting TIVOfiles to MPEGs, but as I have learned in this forum, PE4 has difficulty editing the MPEG files. Roxio software will editing a tivofile directly, but PE4 is superior and much more efficient for editing out my commericials, so I am hoping to stick with Adobes PE4 or upgrade to PE7???
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Sorry, Jim. You'll probably have problems editing DVR video in Premiere Elements.

          As far as I know, only Roxio's and Ulead's Movie Studio are documented capable of editing DVR and TIVO video.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have done this for a friend with the DirectTV version of TIVO. In my case, I hooked his unit to my Turtle Beach capture card (A - D converter), and just Captured as DV-AVI, through the Turtle Beach capture software. My editing was in Premiere Pro, but it went beautifully.

            There are several capture devices available and I'd recommend looking into one of the FW connected stand-alones. If I did not already have the Turtle Beach, I'd probably go with the Grass Valley ADVC-300.

            You should also be able to feed many digital tape video cameras the analog signal and then Capture in PE. This will depend on your particular camera though.

            The FAQ has some other recommendations for A/D converters, that come highly recommended.

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              In case you convert the files to MPEG, your editing should be seamless but make sure you do nto have Roxio on your system. I suggest you try a small MPEG file with PRe first and decide for yourself.