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    PE7 Jerky playback from time line

      I am useing PE7 30 day trial download and can't get a smooth play back from the timeline.The clips loaded in fine from my Panasonic SD9 HD camera and was able to asemble them on the timeline with no trouble. I have 2MG of ram and a 3GHZ processor running XP with SP3. I have had no such problems before with PE3 but of course this was with AVI files.Any help would be apresciated.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Your camcorder uses AVCHD video, which can be very taxing for a computer, since Premiere Elements doesn't use an intermediary codec. (Which means you're editing the actual video, not a preview of the video, as some HD editing programs use.)

          I would not recommend editing AVCHD video on our computer. Your specs are great for editing standard video -- but AVCHD would likely require a powerful dual or quad core processor and lots of RAM.
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            I wonder if I am seeing the same thing (sorry, I don't know if MPG4 is the same as AVCHD). I'm using Premiere Elements 4.0. Doing ANYTHING with the MPG4 files from my HD Xacti 1010 camera is all but impossible. Playback is always jerky, and the program crashes. No problem with the AVI files used before the new camera.

            Is there an easy way to convert these files to AVI first? Would that help? Are there other programs that deal with this better? Or is a new computer my only option? (though now I've just read that cutting-edge computers aren't helping all that much either).

            So I guess my basic question is - are the problems with AVCHD the same as with MPG4 files, or do I have a different problem?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              The Sanyo Xacti is a very different kind of camcorder, Darrell, with very different files. (Both camcorders produce MP4s, but both are not AVCHD.)

              The Xacti is a convenience "compact" camcorder, made to point and shoot, but probably not to edit. But, if you must edit its video, I'd recommend you go with a program like Quicktime Pro ($29 from Apple) instead. Premiere Elements will likely give you nothing but trouble with these files.
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                Thanks for the response.

                I'm not sure I understand what "probably not to edit" means. I can't imagine a consumer camcorder that is meant to take video files and prevent you from editing them! And yes, I *must* be able to edit the video. That's the whole point. I've certainly considered Quicktime, but am having trouble learning what I need to know. I'll keep on it. Sure seems like PE *should* be able to handle MPG4 files... like it says it does. But hey, I just want something that works.

                Thanks again for your input!
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                  Oh... one other thing. The Xacti comes bundled with an OEM version of Nero. It handles MPG4 perfectly. The problem is how limited the OEM version is.... and that I already paid for PE. One solution is to upgrade to the full-featured Nero, but I don't know anybody who's ever used it for video editing, and don't know how complete it is either... but I'm somewhat confident that at least it'll work.
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                    PE7 has full support for AVCHD files and you will be able to edit these files very easily if you have the right configuration system. For playback issue, try rendering your timeline and see if this improves the playback. Unrendered playback is generally not smooth becuase of system config.
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                      Thanks for your reply looks like I will have to look for a more powerful PC.

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                        paulgoelz Level 1
                        FWIW, I tried the trial version of Nero9 and found that it did exactly what it was supposed to do at all times, without crashing or even hiccupping. Unfortunately, I was not able to test it with MP4 (h.264) files because the trial does not support them (the full version does).

                        I eventually decided against purchasing it because the interface is less intuitive than PE and because it is missing some of the features of PE. But I have to say I was pleasantly suprised at how smooth and predictable it was.

                        You might want to have a look at the video editor from AVS4YOU. It not only supports MP4 h.264 (and others) but it seems to edit and play them natively, without generating massive render/preview files. I dropped a very large (2+ hours) mass of h.264 clips into it and it handled them fine.... and my memory usage never rose above 1GB at any time. PE it is not.... it doesn't have any audio editing features and its DVD authoring is pretty limited. It also doesn't seem to be able to render to DV-AVI that I could see. But what it does, it seems to do pretty well. Interesting licensing concept too.