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    Elements causes me to lose sound

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      Both on my personal computer and those of my students in video class, it seems as though we can hardly every use Elements 4 without losing our sound when we exit out of Elements and try to use something like Media Player. We either have to go back in to Elements and mess with the Asio settings, or even just restart the machine to get sound back. Is this a known problem, or would there be something wrong with our setup that could cause this?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Well, I've never seen anyone post a problem like this in four years hosting this forum, so I wouldn't say it qualifies as a known problem.

          But can you tell us more about how your computers are set up? Are they XP or Vista? 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems? Are they on a network and, if so, what operating system is running the network?

          You make it sound as if this always happens, every time on every computer. If this is the case, we'll need to know as much as possible about how your computers or networks are configured.
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            The student computers are new, quad-core, with Vista Home premium, and mine is an XP MCE, a couple of years old. All are 32-bit, all have at least 2 gb ram. They are on a Windows Server 2003 network.

            I don't know that it happens EVERY time, because most of the time when we exit out of Premiere, it's the end of the hour and they shut down. It certainly happens a good proportion of the time, anyway. This morning I had to restart mine, and a couple of kids also lost sound when they went to install some sound effects from Digital Juice.

            Network wise--because of the OS, we can't log in to the domain directly. The computers are set for a workgroup with the same name as the domain. We have to map the server drives to be able to access them.

            In most cases, we don't even access the server during this class--video files are kept on the local hard drives.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Have all of the computers got Vista SP1 as well as the latest drivers, firmware, Quicktime and especially RealTek audio drivers?

              And what audio devices are you using? Are they internal speakers, speakers built into a monitor, external speakers? What brand of sound cards do you have? Do all of the computers that are having problems have a similar set-up and configuration?

              Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to figure out what's unique at your end that could be contributing to this problem.
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                The student computers are HP Pavillions, Core2Quads, either Q9450 or Q6600.

                Sound is integrated with Realtek High Def Audio, when I go to device manager and check for an update, they say they have the most recent drivers.

                Quicktime is 7.5.5--up-to-date.

                There are some differences between computers as to the DVD drives and video cards--a few have blu-ray burners and HD video cards. They also have TV tuners in them, although we don't have them hooked up to tv.

                Some computers are hooked up to speakers (connected in back) most have headphones connected in front. We've had problems with both.

                My computer is an older Gateway. I updated the audio driver tonight as it was quite out-of-date. I had to re-start this computer last night and this morning to get my audio back after using PE. But this afternoon I started up PE twice and exited out and still kept my audio, so it doesn't happen ALL the time. (I also use my computer for a lot of other programs, so those may be the culprits. But the students use Elements almost exclusively during the video class).

                I'll try to keep a log of which computers exhibit the problem and under what circumstances to see if I can find any type of pattern.
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                  Are you using an extrenal speaker or headphone for the sound? And are these USB based headphones. The problem is that if you attach the headphone to the computer after starting PRE, the audio may not be audible. In taht case we have to use the ASIO settings from PRE. Please let me know what Headphone or speaker you are using and I can then help you better.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    Jerel Peterson,

                    I have a couple of thoughts, though none might be of any help.

                    Since the class computers are hooked up via your server, where is the My Documents (basically Documents & Settings>Application Data) folder stored, internally in default location on each machine, or in a shared folder, or other, on the network? The reason that I ask this is that PE (like most NLE programs) is not really designed for use across a network. Some have gotten it to work with a few tweaks. Unfortunately, those tweaks are not well documented in the forums and also differ by the network setup. Academic use is the most common aspect of these. [I wish that those, who have gotten things working on a network would post an article on exactly what their setup was, to help other teachers.]

                    Also, the on-again, off-again aspect seems to indicate that under certain circumstances, all works well, and then does not, and that settings are not being saved properly - what is being lost by PE, when things are not working? My *guess* would be settings in the My Documents (Documents & Settings>XXX folders). These will be hidden by default, but Folder Options>Show Hidden should at least reveal the folders and sub-folders. If this is the case, it *could* indicate something in the network setup. Your IT person will probably have to do this setting change.

                    As a test, you might wish to download and install ASIO4ALL, a freeware .dll (www.asio4all.com) and set this up as the ASIO source in all versions of PE. I realize that you will probably need the permission and input from your IT department to make this addition. This little .dll establishes a common ASIO driver for all programs that use Audio on the computer. Besides PE, you will probably want to go into Control Panel and establish it for all Audio on each computer. In many cases (especially the systems using Realtek Audio), this does the trick and when all Audio is routed through ASIO4ALL, a lot of incompatibilities are cured. Will it fix anything and everything? Probably not, but does a great job with regards to Realtek issues.

                    As Kami-Kaze states, a direct Audio connection for headphones, and speakers is far better than USB, though you did not mention USB for these.

                    I, and others, will give your problem more thought, as I could be way off-base here. However, if you do get everything to work, please report back with a full description of your setup: network configuration, Log-in specs for the students (rights, etc.) and the location of various aspects of Windows/Documents & Settings. Your efforts might benefit others, especially in the academic community.

                    I run PE and Pro over a peer-to-peer network, but I'm only transfering remotely stored Assets to the particular machine(s) with the programs - nothing like what you are doing. Also, unfortunately for your case, most IT departments are only used to dealing with programs that ARE designed to work over a network. NLE's are usually a special case, and most IT people have little to no experience with them. They just know what works for Excel, Word, etc.. I have yet to see any IT person, who could properly set up Photoshop on a single computer, let alone a network. I have a dozen clients, who call me into their office, after IT leaves for the day, just to install PS, Illustrator, etc. - a forbidden practice, but unfortunately necessary. Then, they X their fingers and hope that IT does not come back in and mess things up.

                    Good luck,

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                      We don't use any USB audio speakers or headphones. We have a couple pairs of desktop speakers, the rest use headphones. We've experienced the problems either way.

                      Students log in locally to the computer under an account with administrator privileges. My Documents etc are on the local drive in their default location. We seldom need to go to the server at all in video class as virtually all video files are stored locally on a second hard drive.

                      I'll try installing the Asio4all this weekend and see what happens.
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thank you for the replies. You have eliminated some possible bottlenecks and problems.

                        Do not forget to do the setup in ASIO4ALL, then go into each computer's PE Audio Setup and point to it there. I'd do one "problem" machine, if you have such, first and see if it corrects the issue. If so, then do the rest. Also, as stated, you'll need to point Windows Audio to ASIO4ALL. It is possible to use it for just PE (Audition, etc.) and leave the Windows stuff alone. I like to keep it neat and common, myself.

                        Hope that it does the trick for the Audio.

                        Good luck,

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                          Progress of sorts to report. (Since we don't need audio that often in class, this wasn't a high priority problem, so I didn't get around to really working it until today.)

                          We had one computer that was giving us no sound at all--not in Premiere, not in anything else. In the Asio settings for Elements, there were 2 Device names, both with the same information on each line. I tried moving the bottom one up in the order, but that did no good. (I was using headphone in the front jack at the time).

                          Then I plugged speakers in the back. Then when I looked at the Asio settings in Elements, I now had a 3rd device listed (same info as the other 2). I turned on the checkbox and moved it to the top of the list, and now I was getting sound in Premiere, but no place else.

                          Then I downloaded Asio4All and installed it. I went to control panel but couldn't find where the program was located. (at the time, I hadn't noticed the PDF help file that was put on my desktop).

                          I went in to the Realtek HD Audio Manager program in Control Panel. I went to Device Advanced Settings. I turned on 'Make Front and Rear Output Devices Plaback 2 different streams simultaneously'.

                          After doing that I was able to get sound from any program through my front jack headphones and was getting premiere to play from the speakers that were plugged in to the back. Since I didn't want to actually have the speakers plugged in to this computer, I rearranged the order of the 4 devices listed in the Asio settings of Premiere, so now I get Premiere sound and non-premiere sound coming through my front jack. I can even get the Premiere sound stream and windows media player sound coming through the headphones at the same time.

                          For now, that's good enough for me. I'll take a look at the Asio4All PDF when I have a bit more time.

                          What I can't understand is why the Asio setup in premiere lists all devices with no indication as to which of your 3 (or 4) devices listed is for the front jack, back jack, etc. It's trial and error to get the right device moved up to the top of the list.
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                            I checked out the next computer in the row. I got sound from both Premiere and Media Player from the front jack without having to change anything in Premiere or in the Realtek control panel. The 'Make front and Rear Output devices...' wasn't checked, and I didn't have to turn it on in order for things to work.