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    Premier Elements 7 audio questions

      I'm making a little snowboard video. In case you're not familiar with snowboard videos, this one is pretty typical-many short clips edited to music. I'm reading the tutorials but not getting the answers I need. Here are my questions...
      1. I want to play the first couple clips before the music starts. How do I move the audio down the timeline?
      2. I want to decrease the volume of the music and increase the volume of the clip (for just one clip).

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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          Are you using timeline view? To move the music to start later, just drag it to the right. To change volume, right-click on the audio and select properties for that clip. Expand the property if necessary. You can then adjust the volume as a function of time using keyframes, or directly for the clip as a whole.
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            Level 1
            Well, I'm in timeline. I select the clip (it is highlighted in purple). I right click on it and click "show properties". Five options come up; Image Control, Motion, Opacity, Volume, and Balance. I expand "Volume" and there is a "Clip Volume" slider bar that goes from -oodb to 6.0db. No matter where I put it, it doesn't do anything. All I can hear is the music. Is there something more that I have to do? It seems like this should be so easy.
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              PeterFDuke Level 1
              Do you have video clips with linked audio plus added music on another track? If so you need to highlight the music track, not the video track. An audio-only track will only have volume and balance as properties.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                One note on the "music" Clip's Volume setting. This can be "keyframed," to increase/decrease its volume over time.

                I usually set mine to about -6 db and then add Keyframes to decrease its level, where I wish the Video's audio to take center-stage.

                I'm not sure where the info on Keyframing is covered in the PE help & manual (PDF), as I'm usually working in P-Pro (know where it is in that manual). Basically though, set the Volume where you want it, then add a Keyframe to "hold" that Volume. Set another Keyframe after that, and drag the "rubber band" down to the desired level. I normally type in the decrease, but don't know what is available in PE. Then, when you want the Volume to come back up, add a Keyframe to "hold" the lowered Volume and then another, where you wish the level to be increased. Repeat the dragging (or typing) for that Keyframe. Imagine that you have a music Track that is set where you want it, and you wish to drop the Volume in one spot. You would add four (4) Keyframes to drop the Volume and then bring it back up to the desired level.

                This could also be done in the Audio Mixer, but I am less a fan of how this works in PE, versus P-Pro, and find the manual Keyframe method to be superior.

                There are also a few different ways to accomplish this with the Razor Tool, Audio Transitions, etc., but I still like manual Keyframes. I'll bet that Steve, or someone else, has a link to a good Keyframe tutorial.

                Also, Peter has pointed out one necessary aspect of this - you need your music Clip to be highlighted, not the Audio portion of your mux'ed Video & Audio Clip.

                You are almost there.