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    Hollywood style credits?

      Can PE 7 format titles left and right justified around the center, ala many Hollywood movie credits? What I want to do would look like this:

      Director Josh
      Assistant Director Harry
      Gaffer Jim
      Producer Barbara
      Best Boy Hank

      Is there a secret way to enter text so that the left part is right justified at the center, and the right part is left justified at the center?

      Some word processing programs have templates for this, or else use control key combinations. I was hoping the PE 7 might have such a feature.

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          My example didn't format correctly in the forum. I want the credit to show "position" (e.g., "Gaffer") right justified from center and the person's name (e.g., "Jim") left justified from center.

          Sorry for the mixup
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            You can certainly place text wherever you want on a title slide, and the program's titler does allow right and left justification.

            But it sounds like you might be looking for tabs, which the titler does not include. You'd have to "cheat" it a bit to get the exact locations of text you want, but it's still certainly possible to get the look you want.

            You might also be able to create your text, with tabs, in Word (or the free OpenOffice) and then cut and paste it into Premiere Elements' title workspace. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth experimenting with.
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              Ed.Macke Level 3
              I don't know if tabs would work, as (if I understand the post correctly) tab #1 would be right justified and tab #2 would be left justified. I'm not sure, but I don't think PRE supports justified tabs.

              Also, to enter a tab, try holding down the CTRL key (e.g. CTRL+Tab). I'm at work so I can't try this, but many programs use the CTRL+Tab method of entering a tab character where Tab (without Ctrl) has another function. Might work in PRE, dunno...

              What about two text fields, identical in length? Text field 1 would be right justified, and 100 lines long (or whatever). Text field 2 would be left justified, also 100 lines long. Put text fields #1 and #2 next to each other separated by whatever distance looks good.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I use your "two text fields" concept all of the time, even in P-Pro's Titler that does allow Tabs. In the Titler, there are alignment tools, that work very well at getting the two text boxes perfectly aligned.

                Another technique, along the same lines, is to produce the credits in a layout program, then Import into Photoshop, for Export as a PSD to be used as a graphic, instead of doing the work in Titler. This has an added benefit - Spell Checking, which I need badly.

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                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                  Edit: I deleted content.
                  Let's forget what I wrote.
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                    Tab works fine with PE and then you could create multiple text string to get that Effect. For example<br />string 1 <Jim> : "left from Center"<br />string 2 <Gaffer> ; "right from center"<br />You can also choose to add different styles to both, since athey are seperate.
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                      Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I really like the idea of creating lengthy titles in a word processor and then copying them into PE. Unfortunately, PE ignores the formatting and simply pastes the values as plain text. (I tried creating a large two column table in Word, with left column right justified and right column left justified.)

                      The "two text fields" approach works but is tedious, especially if you have several hundred lines of a rolling title.

                      So, a suggestion for PE8 is to support "justified tabs" or some equivalent function like having the PE Titler center text around a user specified special character. For example, user specifies asterisck as special centering character, then enters "Gaffer*Jim" and "Best Boy*Jackson"
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I think that this would be a great feature request.

                        I've made similar for P-Pro Production Studio, as it could use the spell-checker and the layout functions of Adobe InDesign. I'd do all my titling work there, then Import an .indd file into Premiere. Gosh, that would be so easy and so sweet.

                        Next I want .prtl support in Photoshop, but that's material for a different thread...


                        PS Don't feel too bad about the Titler in PE. The one is Pro only offers a few additional features, but lacks anything, except manual Keyframing for animation, so PE has one up on its big brother.
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                          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                          If you have Microsoft Word, you can hold down the ALT key and select text in blocks with the mouse. This way you can select all the text in just one of the columns -- don't include the tabs -- and then do an Edit > Copy in Word and a CTRL-V into a textbox in PRE. That would give you one column. Then do the same for the right-hand column into a separate textbox.