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    Cannot edit MPEG4 with APE 3.0

    (Ron_Labau) Level 1
      Hi, Just got a Sanyo Xacti hd700 digital camera, which records in MPEG4 format. I have premiere elements 3.0 which came with the camera.

      I ran the software update from Adobe, and that hasn't solved my problems. When I try to import a mp4 file it says the 'file format is not supported/one of the components may not have been installed'. I've verified that other file types will import(.avi).

      So, i plugged the camera into the pc and it installed something. I installed the software that came with it including adobe photoshop album se, ape 3.0, xacti screen capture 1.1. This disc has quicktime 7.2 and itunes 7.3, but did not install those. There is also a disc for the instruction manual, but i didn't open or install anything from that, bcz figured its not necessary.

      So, i also have the K-Lite standard version of codec pack. I have the codec from MS for WMP as well.

      I saw something in the faq about downsampling on the camera to some avi format, and then editing, but i don't want to lose quality and stuff, bcz i want to make a nice dvd of this stuff for family, etc. Thanks for any help. -Ron

      Product: Adobe Premiere Elements (came with camera)
      Version: 3.0

      Platform information:
      * Hardware: dell laptop
      * OS Version: XP sp2
      * RAM: 1 gb
      * Color Depth:
      * Display Card: basic
      * Resolution: 1280x800
      * Digital Video: MPEG4
      * Sound:
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You can not edit AVCHD video with version 3, Ron.

          That feature was only added in version 7.

          In any event, you probably won't be able to edit AVCHD, even in version 7, on your machine. For those very large, highly compressed video files, I'd recommend no less than a quad-core system with 4 gigs of RAM, per the FAQs at the top of this forum.
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            (Ron_Labau) Level 1
            Thanks, now i understand. So it's just so much data that's collected, it's too much for normal pc. I can cut and join clips on the camera, so I guess if I want high quality (without buying more hardware) i can edit it there, and just burn it to a dvd. My work laptop has 3gb ram and decent processor with a burner, so that can handle it.

            If i wanna do some more serious editing, I can downsample it, or record in one of hte lower formats, and then do the editing. with ape 3.0.

            Thanks again.