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    Premiere Elements 2.0 SERIOUS ERROR

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      I have a 3 minute project that I'm trying to burn to disc. When I hit the burn icon, a msg pops up that there has been a serious error and the program must close and it asks me to report the serious error to microsoft. I've restarted the computer each time and no luck.

      What next?!
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          The first thing to do is to check your Assets. What are they? What is the CODEC used to encode them? (Check with G-Spot, www.headbands.com/gspot). Are there any still images? What is their size?

          Message such as this, are usually caused by one of three things:
          1.) Assets
          2.) System
          3.) Operator Error

          Besides your Assets, give some information about your system.

          Have you tried to Burn to a folder, and then use a program like ImgBurn (freeware CD/DVD burning application)?

          The answers to these questions will help other possibly help you. Unfortunately, most error messages are barely helpful, if at all. That is true for most NLEs and most DVD authoring apps.