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    Converting project to use clips split from single original clip

      I have a project which is very simple and based on a single source clip which is a 12GB AVI (Mini-DV). I have split the clip into two parts, and I would like to use those two clips instead of the single clip in the same project. Is there an easy way to do this, or must I go through and create a new project using the new clips, figuring out the right points in time for transitions? In other words, must I rebuild a new project, or is there a way for have PRE7 use the two seperate clips in place of the single original?

      The best I can see so far is the following:

      1. Save As the original project to a new project.

      2. Import the two new clips split from the original. The Save As project is using the original and there are now two new split clips available which, together, represent the same content as the original.

      3. Scene-by-scene, create a new scene adjcent to an original scene, but use the new clips as the source. Get the new scene to start and end at the same time as the original. By playing the new scene, and the original adjacent scene, they can be compared.

      4. Once the new scene is like the old, delete the original scene. Do this for all scenes.

      Somehow I think the above will work but it's not the best I can do. Should I be creating a new video track and doing something that way, or is there some better way to make use of the original projects information to build the new scenes on the new clips? Thanks for any tips.