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    PE7 Pan/Zoom

      Is it possible to create a panning 1920X1080 video out of a larger Quicktime timelapse video made from 10Mp stills?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Yeah, but it could get ugly -- trying to do a pan and zoom on oversized video in the midst of an on-the-fly file conversion.

          I'd recommend converting the file to a DV-AVI (which you can do with Super and Quicktime Pro) before you attempt anything with it in Premiere Elements.

          You're talking about doing panning and Zooming -- so are you planning to use this high-def video in a standard-definition video and the pan around on it?

          Again, not easily achieved, but probably possible, assuming your computer is up to the necessary horsepower and you convert the file first.

          Except, uh oh. If you convert the file, it may not be high-def!

          You really have your work cut out for you, Bert.

          Wouldn't it be easier to do the panning and zooming in the original program that created the MOV file?
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            The original was just made with Quicktime Pro using the "open image sequence" tool.The original video is 3648 x 2736 which is big enough to do some slow pans and a bit of zoom just to add some "camera motion" to the timelapse. I'm trying to find the most user friendly way to do this as I am not very familiar with video editing software. I do all my frame corrections in photoshop, which I use all the time, before creating the movie.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What is going to be your final output? That might determine the next step(s).

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Good point, Hunt! Better to start at the end to get to the beginning.

                And once we know what you plan to output (DVD, BluRay, WMV?) maybe we can better advise you.

                And maybe we can come up with a more direct route to what you're trying to accomplish. Going from massive 10 megapixel photos to hi-def Quicktime to Premiere Elements is sure a long way to go! And the rule of thumb in video editing is that the more levels you have to cross, the more likely something is going to go wrong.
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                  Ultimately I want to export to Blu-ray. Right now I am downsizing to 720p to put on Vimeo.
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    I hope I don't sound to defeatist here, Bert, but I just don't think it's going to work. Going from hi-rez Quicktime to Premiere Elements in order to get to BluRay. I just think it's not a workflow that's going to fit Premiere Elements -- which can be a bit touchy with certain file formats, and can have all kinds of problems with the many variations of Quicktime.

                    My advice? Follow one program all the way through.

                    What program output Quicktime? Was it a Mac running Final Cut, for instance, or even iMovie? If so, create your BluRay from there.

                    But going to ultra-hi-def to Quicktime to Premiere Elements to BluRay is just rife with potential problems.

                    Do you agree, Hunt?
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                      Thanks for the info. I thought maybe I could save a few bucks here but it doesn't sound like its worth it. I know other people are doing this in After Effects, maybe I'll head that direction. I'm on a PC so that limits some of the options.
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                        PeterFDuke Level 1
                        >timelapse video made from 10Mp stills

                        Note that, stability issues aside, PE has a limit of 4096 pixels for each dimension of a still image. (It politely tells you when the image is too large and doesn't crash!) Assuming 16:9 format, then the largest image PE will accept is 4096x2304 = 9,437,184 pixels.

                        However, if you have an image in 3:2 or 4:3 format and intend to crop it to 16:9, then you could insert 4096x2731 = 11,186,176 or 4096x3072 = 12,582,912 pixels, respectively.
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                          Bert, a question on the side if you allow me...what export settings do you use in PRE when preparing a file for Vimeo? I've been looking at some of you're video's, they look very good...
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                            PeterFDuke Level 1
                            >PE has a limit of 4096 pixels for each dimension of a still image

                            I thought I proved that for an earlier version of PE but so far as PE7 is concerned, the limit is actually 4096x4096 = 16,777,216 pixels regardless of the image format. I haven't actually tried an image 1 pixel greater, since I don't know its factors and it may be prime.
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              I agree completely. Now, I do have to use intermediate CODECs on occasion, but like to keep my workflow linear. Most of my Projects are from DV tape, so it's easy. However, clients hand one the darnedest Assets. Still, I attempt to keep it all linear. Since I use Adobe products on the PC, that is what I shoot directly for, and then output from whichever one of those programs suits my needs.

                              I also try to keep sight of my final output and adjust everything for that. If there are multiple output choices, as in the OP's case, I structure the Project for the "largest," most critical one, and then adjust my Export to suit. Sometimes, one even has to create 2 Projects with Assets modified to suit, but usually you can work to the highest specs, and then adjust in Export.

                              In the case of the "raw" (note: not RAW) still files, a bit of planning, as to pans and zooms, will probably allow one to re-size in Photoshop, then just Import into PE.

                              In the OP's case, I am in the dark regarding the QT "Time Lapse" aspect. Maybe I'm just not following along closely enough. I think that if things started on a Mac, I'd keep them on the Mac, using whatever software was needed. As you (Steve) state, every switch of platform and format is open to errors. FCP is designed around a MOV format and will also Export to Blu-ray. I also believe that it offers a few Mac-spcific CODECs (not available for PC), that might help.

                              I will probably learn something new today, from this thread. Once that happens, I can then declare "Wine-thirty" and celebrate! Learn something new everyday, is my motto. [Grin]

                              Hunt - following the thread closely...
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                                My Vimeo workflow;
                                1-do minor contrast/saturation adjustments in photoshop then batch crop to 1280X720 and save as jpeg level 12
                                2-open image sequence in quicktime pro either 24fps or 29.97fps
                                3-export movie to quicktime movie
                                4-export settings;-H.264,key frame every 24 frames,frame reordering,encoding quality=best,data rate=restrict to 5000kbits/sec,optomized for download
                                after that Vimeo does whatever they do to it
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                                  I GOT IT!!
                                  Finished product is here;

                                  Sorry about the watermark,but I wanted to know if it would work before I bought it.
                                  Got alot of help from this thread
                                  Here is my complete workflow(yeah I know, its overly detailed but thats the kind of instuctions I like to find for myself)
                                  1-create quicktime image sequence in QTpro, 24fps 537 frames 1.87GB 3648X2736pixels(native output of my camera)
                                  2-open in PE7 and add to timeline
                                  3-click EDIT tab then EDIT EFFECTS button
                                  4-click triangle beside MOTION
                                  5-click on main image and drag to starting position
                                  6-click stopwatch icon beside MOTION
                                  7-click stopwatch icon at to"View Key Frames"
                                  8-move key frames slider to the right as far as you want the pan to continue
                                  9-back on main image, drag to end position
                                  10-click done
                                  11-preview sequence(only showed a few frames on my computer because of large size)
                                  13-my settings which may or may not be correct
                                  file type=jpeg
                                  range=entire timeline
                                  compressor=jpeg,millions of colors
                                  size=3648X2736(the original size)
                                  square pixels
                                  OK and SAVE
                                  14-this took 16 minutes and gives be a folder of images
                                  15-batch crop in photoshop to 1280X720
                                  16-open image sequence in QTpro and export as in my above post
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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                    Wow! Beautiful work, Bert! Great job!
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                                      Great shot.

                                      In contrast to many people suggesting me to shy away from Premiere elements when working with Still Images, it has always worked for me. Looks like it also depends a lot on your system state (defragmentation, space, other programs running ..etc)