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    PRE7 Crashes on WinXP SP2 While working with Slideshow

      Hi All,

      We've made an awesome slideshow in PE7 complete with call outs, title frames etc. Unfortunately, every time we try to work with it in PRE7, we get the infamous low on system resources message and PRE7 crashes. I have 1gb RAM on a WinXP SP2 Dell PC.

      I'm unsure whether I have a system performance issue, or a PRE7 performance issue. The slideshow is quite large, would that have anything to do with PRE7 crashing? How many slides, what file size is acceptable to bring into PRE7? Also, why are the callouts etc. distorted when viewed in PRE7?

      Finally, should we create the slideshow in PRE7 instead of in Elementes 7? Would that prevent the system instability issues?