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    Flicker after DVD rendering

      Good day
      I recorded analogue from an 8 mm camcorder onto a JVC DVD recorder. The recorded DVD plays OK in the same DVD machine. This si now my source DVD. After reading the advice to convert to AVI before editing, I used squared5 to transfer the source DVD into an AVI file and give the following result:
      Type AVI movie, file size 7.8 Gb, Image size 720x480, frame rate 29.97.
      The DVD disc properties that I can find are: File system UDF. Video_TS. This will not play on windows media but plays with PowerDVD. Heads up??
      This was a small sample of the larger source AVI converted file for testing.
      I used the Share option to make a DVD NTSC and tried changing field settings, such as always deinterlace and flicker removal.

      Computer briefly is:
      XP home
      Process. x86 model 23 stepping 10 genuinentel 2997 Mhz
      Bios vers 2.5 12/18/2007
      Tot phys mem 4Gb
      Avail Phy mem 2.38 Gb
      Tot virt. mem. 2 Gb
      Avail V/M 1.96 Gb
      Page file space 5.09 Gb

      The disc is NTFS. Used space 374 Gb. Free 91.5 Gb

      I have no junk on the computer which is new. The project plays OK on edit. On making a DVD, flicker like a fast pan is introduced. Will appreciate some help. Suspect CODEC on source DVD? I do read up the FORUM contents which has helped a lot. Thanks for that!

      Thank you. John
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          You say it flickers when you pan, is this when viewed on a TV or computer monitor. If a computer monitor it may just be the interlaced nature of the exported video, which will be fine when viewed on a TV. If it flickers when viewed on a TV it may be a field order issue... in which case you need to set the video to lower field first when converting with MPEG_Streamclip. If your intention is to view on a computer monitor then you will need to de-interlace the export or use a mediaplayer set to deinterlace.
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            I will try the field order suggestion and do another convertion with MPEG_Streamline tonight. I want to play on a TV monitor. Thank you Paul.
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              Problem solved. I used the DVD that was made on the DVD recorder and loaded it into PE4. I right clicked on the video and went to the frames option, tried them all and was successful when I selected "Interlace Consecutive Frmes". I have tried it on other DVD's with the same problem and can now make clean DVD's. In future though will use DV AVI's as a source.
              Much appreciate the FORUM and the encouragement received.
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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                Interlace Consecutive Frames?
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                  Yes. Click on the video in timeline. You will get a menu. Select Field Options. Select Interlace Consecutive Frames.
                  If the movie you are making is a selection of pieces you have assembled, make sure you do the same for each piece. Hope that helps. Worked for me and I'm new at this. John
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                    Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                    Is this what you are doing?

                    Interlace Consecutive Frames Converts pairs of consecutive progressive‑scan (noninterlaced) frames into interlaced fields. This option is useful for converting 60‑fps progressive‑scan animations into 30‑fps interlaced video because many animation applications dont create interlaced frames.
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                      I tried everything I could to resolve my problem. I made a DVD from an analogue camcorder since the DVD recorder could take an analogue input. The DVD I got from the process plays OK in any DVD player. I wanted to edit the original without having to stop start the recorder so I brought it into PE4, edited and then produced a DVD under Share. That DVD flickered giving the same effect as fast panning on a video camera.
                      After I interlaced consecutive frames, it fixed the flicker.
                      However, I cannot use the flicker free DVD in PE4. It flickers again!
                      I do not know what fixed it. I suspect that the CODEC of teh original DVD I made on the recorder has something to do with it. My problem being I made several DVD's using this process and cleaned the tapes. At least I am able to use the media. Hope I have explained it a little better and it will help someone.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Another possibility is that when you created the initial DVD, the material was compressed to MPEG-2. Then you brought that into PE, which converted it to DV-AVI to edit. Then, you Export to DVD again, which will compress it to MPEG-2. Unfortunately, you've now had two major compressions, so the footage is no longer even close to the original.

                        A better workflow would be to use a D/A converter, and capture the footage AS DV-AVI for editing. Then, when you Export to DVD, you only have one MPEG-2 compression. I believe that the FAQ, at the top of the page, lists D/A converters. I happen to use Turtle Beach, but were I buying, I'd probably look at the Canopus 300, or the less expensive 110.

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                          Or even the ADS Pyro AV Link, as we recommend in the FAQs at the top of this forum.