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    field order / deinterlace

      Is there a good guideline for changing field orders of deinterlacing?
      I find myself trying out several settings when exporting in PRE7, but i guess there must be a rule of thumb or something like that right?
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          It really depends on what are you trying to do? What are your source files, what will be your final export format and how will you be viewing the exported files?
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            Basically two sources; AVCHD files from my Canon HF100 and DVD source files (older vacation DVD which i an redoing).

            Export to DVD's and to H264 (different MPEG, Quicktime)...

            The H264 encoded files will be viewed on PC's as well as uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo...
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              If you are using MPEG or AVCHD sources and intend to burn a standard DVD for viewing on a DVD you need to use the appropriate Project Preset, "Hard Disc, Flash Memory Camcorder" or "AVCHD", these options assume an upper field first field order and so automatically reverse the field dominance for the entire video. If not you need to reverse the field for each clip on the timeline.

              If you are exporting for viewing in Youtube or Vimeo you should deinterlace the video in the export settings of the chosen export format.
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                ok, thanks.
                Should the deinterlace option always be available when exporting? Of is that bound to certain types?
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                  Paul_LS Level 4
                  Depends on the export format, some, export to "Mobile Phones, Players" generally have the export set to progressive rather than interlaced. If you go into the Advanced Settings for the export format you will be able to see what the default is and change it if necessary.