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    Disabling VST plugin loading (PE 7)


      I've had a heck of a time getting Premiere Elements 7 to run. It has coughed at over a dozen of my VST plugins. Frankly, it is bizarre that there seems to be no option for disabling VST loading. It should certainly NOT be a default when initially using the system. Looking back at the forums, this seems to be a long-standing issue with Premiere and Audition.

      Does anyone know of a way to disable VST folder loading in Premiere Elements ? It is absolutely not an option for me to rename my VST folder every time I launch Premiere.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          Other than the re-naming, which is anything but convenient, I do not know of any other way to "hide" the VSTs from the Adobe programs. I have a few, that Premiere cannot use, but other than an initial error message, stating the "Premiere cannot use Sample_Tank.dll," etc., all has worked fine for me. Error only popped up that once, and Sample_Tank, plus some others, load and the progam works fine.

          I've seen these problems with many Adobe programs, but never another answer. I think that it'd make a great feature request, so that one could perhaps limit which VST's and .dll's load with the program - a one-time check/uncheck should be possible from a programer's standpoint - I would *guess*.

          One .dll that seems particularly troublesome, and not just to Adobe programs, is Native Music. I don't have it, but see it referred to in a lot of these similar threads.

          If you find another, better way around this issue, please post it here and in the P-Pro and Audition forums.

          Good luck,

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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            I wasn't aware that Premiere Elements 7 loaded plug-ins from anywhere other than from its own installation folder. In earlier versions you could hold down the CTRL and SHIFT key and then you would get a dialog where you could pick another plug-in folder, but I don't think that even that did anything.
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              Ozpeter Level 1
              So where is it loading these plugins from? With audio plugins, I have never had them in the "steinberg" folder, but in one of my own choosing, and I point relevant software at that folder if it has a setup page for that purpose (which they all seem to).

              It would be possible to write a small utility program automatically to rename a folder, then run PE, then restore the original folder name on program exit. However, if only one person is complaining, I'm not sure it's worth doing.
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                All my VST plugins are in the Steinberg / Cubase 4 / VST Plugins folder. I really don't want Premiere to have anything to do with them, especially since most are irrelevant to it. Besides its choking and dying on many of them, it also bloats up to many 100's of megabytes of memory while loading them (yes, I have A LOT of VST plugins... they're my main squeeze, if you will).

                Adobe Audition has a nice option to specify the VST folder, or to not use VST plugins at all. I wish the Premiere programming team would put something similar into Premiere Elements.

                By the way, I test drove the full Premiere CS4, and it behaved identically to PE with respect to these VST plugins. That made me decide to forgo installing Premiere CS4.

                I'd be amazed if I'm the only one having this problem with VST plugins. Otherwise I guess many electronic musicians don't use Premiere.
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                  I just downloaded the trial version of Premier Elements 7 and it won't even start because it's scanning the VST plugin folder from my audio recording software. Why is it even doing that? That doesn't even make sense to me. Something like that should be optional and turned off by default.

                  So, I guess I can't use Elements. That kind of stinks. I suppose I'll look at one of the other comparable editors, then.
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                    Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                    What audio recording software do you use, and is there a trial version. I would like to see what is going on.

                    Evidently there is a registry entry for VST plugins that any program can read to obtain the folder location of the plugins.
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                      I'm using Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition. Elements seems to be hanging up trying to load my drum plugin which is BFD drums from fxpansion.

                      There is a 30-day trial of Sonar 7 here:


                      They also have a 30-day trial of Sonar 8 if you'd like to try it, but I'm using Sonar 7.

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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                        Thanks, downloaded, installed, and installed the VST demo plugins.

                        Premiere Elements is looking in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\Software\VST\VSTPluginsPath

                        and it finds the path to C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VSTPlugins

                        Two things you could try.

                        You could create a new folder somewhere that doesn't have "cakewalk" in the pathname, and then change the entry in the registry to the new path.

                        The new folder would have nothing in it. I'm thinking that Sonar 7 will still work. Under the options > global menu on the VSTPlugins tab, there is an entry pointing to C:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins and so Sonar should be able to read the plugins using that, but Premiere Elements won't find any plugins at the new location pointed to by that registry entry.

                        That registry key is probably known by every application that can handle VST plugins.

                        The second thing you could try, you could leave everything the way it is in the registry, but move the plugins that are causing problems to that new folder. Then add the new folder to the VST Scan list in Sonar on the VST Plugins tab in the Options > Global menu

                        For now I have to hang up the internet.
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                          My only solution has been to rename my VST folder, and then start Premiere Elements (by the way, the full Premiere demo does the same thing).

                          This is not a great solution, but will do for now because I don't use Elements very often.

                          Adobe Premiere programming team: Please add an "Ignore VST Directory" option to the program! And turn off VST loading by default!

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                            I don't even understand why a video editing program would scan a VST folder in the first place. It's been a long time since I used any video editing software, but I don't understand the need for it to scan the VST plugins I use for my audio recording software.
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                              VST plugins that perform audio FX can be used in Premiere to process audio.

                              A neat option, if the user wants it. But given that Premiere can't handle a huge number of my plugins, it's a liability rather than a feature!
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                                All of my plugins are instruments, not effects per se, so they would do me know good in Premier. This option absolutely, unequivocally, should be off by default. I don't see any reason why it would be on by default. It should only be enabled when a user has a particular need for such things.
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                                  This is a deal killer for me.  I can understand loading effects VSTs (VSTfx) but Premiere elements is trying to load all my instruments also.  I kinda wonder if it's going to even be able to load all my effects.  I'm glad Adobe has a trial so I found this out before I purchased.  I see three possible solutions Adobe should implement.


                                  1) A switch on the startup; add something like '-noVST' that is added to the startup shortcut.

                                  2) By default don't load VST, have the user set up VST loading after the first start up.

                                  3) Digital Audio Worstation programs can tell the difference between VST Instuments and VST Effects.  Have Premier Elements only load effects.  That seems to be the best solution, and in fact, not implementing this alread seems a bit sloppy.


                                  Cubase 4.0 is the most important tool on my computer.  There is not way that I'm going to mess with my Registry or temporarily rename folders because Adobe can't figure out how to tell VST Instruments from VST Effects.  And since from other forum posts, this sounds like this also occurs with full-fledged Premiere, I can't use any Adobe video editing software.


                                  FIX THIS AND I'll BUY.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Eddie Lotter has done quite a bit of work with VST's loading, that should not. Maybe this thread will help.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Maybe this works (use it on your own risk of course).


                                      Go in the registry to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST

                                      This is the plugin path.


                                      Rename this (mine was: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins and i have renamed it to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\_VstPlugins


                                      Go in Cubase, it cannot find your plugins, however go to via Devices > Plugin information.

                                      Mine location was set to "Default" or something similar. Hit change and navigate to this path: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins

                                      Now, after a restart of Cubase it again shows all the plugins.


                                      Start Premiere Pro, it cannot find any plugins anymore and you can start this great program!


                                      Greetings and happy editing/mixing.


                                      PS: Haven't tried restarting my computer yet...

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Must be the "season of the VST?"


                                        Thanks for sharing this. In another thread on the PrPro fora (do not recall the version #), he had some from two seldom used audio programs, that were keeping PrPro from loading. In his case, he moved them to the Desktop, and Premiere could not find them. This surprised me, as I assumed that the Desktop would be in the search path, but on his machine it was not. He tested his programs, that used these VST's and had good results pointing them to the Desktop.


                                        I hope that things hold strong, when you reboot.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          I tried the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins and I have renamed it to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\_VstPlugins


                                          It worked at first but then Premiere Pro CS4 trial found it again (DOH!)


                                          I even made a folder not in the Cubase directory under C drive and called it NewPlugFolder and told Cubase where it was. THEN PP found it AGAIN!

                                          So THIS time I think I got it.


                                          I THINK PP sees it no matter WHAT I call the folder because it looks at Cubase and finds it anyway.   So... when I run Cubase, I can change the name back to the original folder (NewPlugFolder.) When I run PP I rename it to _NewPlugFolder.


                                          I wont be running both programs at once so for now, I believe this is a work-a-round till Adobe fixes this. I know in Vegas 9 Pro I can change it to look at another folder (which I did) and I have nothing in that folder.  WHY Adobe doesn't let you change where to look for VST's makes no sense at all.


                                          So far PP boots up with no problem. Of course I just tried it today. I'll see if it keeps working.



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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            Out of curiosity, did you try dragging the Steinberg VST folder to the Desktop? That would be easier than renaming, provided that it works for you. You could drag it back to Cubase, when needed.


                                            As all of my VST's work in AE, PrE, PrPro and Audition, I have not had an issue. The few that do not work in the Adobe programs also do no harm. I got a one-time message that ____.dll would not work in the launching program, but that was all.


                                            Good luck,



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                                              Jamiesea Level 1

                                              Thanks for the tip Hunt!


                                              That may be easier like you said.  Of course to find that folder on my C drive and rename it is pretty easy too ;-)


                                              I guess there's more than one way to work around it eh?


                                              Thanks again,


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                                                I just downloaded the trial version of PE 8 !!! and the problem still remains, it crashes before starting all the time..because I have many VST instruments...

                                                I tried some workaround but it is completely unacceptable to have to try a trick to make a software from Adobe to work.  The VST loading should not be the default it is absolutely idiot for Adobe to have Premiere looking for audio plugin most of us do now need here . It's only causing crashes and in my case they are loosing a potential customer...since I'm not a Pro, I'm removing Premiere and will try something else from the Competition...maybe it won't be as good as Premiere is supposed to be, but at least it runs immediately and I'm ready to go after 10 seconds!!  Bye Bye Adobe....

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                                                  Jamiesea Level 1

                                                  I just did two projects with Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus.  It worked great and was very easy. Didn't even try loading my plugs but then again, they're not in the VST folder anyway cause of PE.


                                                  I also am still on the 30 day trial, but it only cost like $89 or something.  So if all you need is basic editing (plus has some nice built in FX) give it a go.  It does a lot for the money.



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                                                    Missteach Level 1

                                                    An interesting thread.  I noticed that before I gave up trying to get this program to even start, it threw up error messages stating it couldn't find my copy of Steinberg's Halion and Antares Autotune.  Both 'Halion' and 'Autotune' require different 'dongle' protection (Steinberg Kay and iLOK).  I hadn't got either plugged in (I only connect them when running Steinberg products -  I need the USB ports) and I remember that my problems seemed to have started then.


                                                    It made no difference that I rebooted and subsequently plugged in both dongles.  Never got PE8 running, but as I've said previously, it is only a £70 program so I can write it off seeing as it is regarded as a toy - a theory validated by the fact the Premiere forums have Elements in large print - presumably for children!!!!


                                                    This isn't a comment directed at users - more at the people who made it without real world testing.

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                                                      blackbird712 Level 1

                                                      Thanks Jamie, I'm trying now PowerDirector by Cyberlink which I think is quite good but I'll also take your suggestion and download the trial from Magix to see which one is best for me!!

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                                                        I fixed this problem by creating a new folder which I named 'VSTforAdobePE'. I then changed the registry entry for the 'VSTPluginsPath' to this new folder name.

                                                        I now can have my vst plugins where I want them and PE will now open because it scans the newly created folder which is empty.

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                                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                          Because PrE will survey one's system, trying to load all VST's found (some work, some will load but not work, and some will cause PrE to hang), many users "hide" many of their VST's in the Desktop Folder (it has some special properties, and PrE will NOT look there), and then point their DAW programs to the Desktop Folder, to access those.


                                                          Premiere Pro does things a bit better (though not perfectly IMHO), in that it will write a "blacklist file," for those VST's, that cause a hang. Unfortunately, it takes one launch, for each problem VST, so can take some extra time, until that blacklist file has been totally populated. In a more perfect world, PrPro would write each problem VST to the blacklist file, then continue, to the next, and then the next. Still, it is better, in this respect, than PrE is. Just my personal observations.


                                                          Good luck,