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    Export of Stills

      When I export a still frame, the resultant file is distorted. Its as if the widescreen image is bing compressed to 4:3.
      Are there settings to prevent this happening?
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          Yes. You need to select a resolution for square pixels. For PAL, for instance, SD video is 720x576 non-square pixels (whether widescreen or not), and you would need to set output to 1024x576 for widescreen. For NTSC the 720x480 would become 853x480.
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            You need to select the right project settings. if you know the assets you will be using in your project are widescreen, maybe project settigs should be similar else distortion on export is unavoidable.

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              PeterFDuke Level 1
              Here is a step by step example, for 4:3 SD PAL video in PE7.

              Position cursor on timeline for desired frame you wish to capture.
              Click on camera icon on monitor panel.
              In the Freeze Frame pop-up window, click on Export.
              In the next window, click on Settings.
              In the next window, with General tab selected (the default), choose the File Type (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, etc.)
              Uncheck Add to Project When Finished. (Why, oh why does Adobe always make adding to the project the default???)
              Select the Video tab.
              Change the Pixel Aspect Ratio from DV PAL (1.067) to Square Pixels (1.0)
              Change the number of horizontal and vertical pixels to suit the shape and resolution. In my case I choose 768 h and 576 v and get 4:3 shape.
              Click OK
              Select file name and folder.
              Click Save
              Close the Freeze Frame window.