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    Save to H264 errormessage

      During rendering of my AVCHD project to a H264 file, the program stopped with the following message:

      Runtime error
      R 6025
      -pure virtual function call

      Does this ring a bell with someone?

      It's already the 3rd film I save to H264 format and this is the first time it happens.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          A Google search on that error code brings up a lot of references to C++ language.

          It could well be that your system is overwhelmed. AVCHD are massive files, massively compressed, and only the fastest systems with lots of memory and lots of free, defragmented hard drive space seem cable of handling large blocks of them.

          What are your specs, how much RAM do you have and how much free, clean, defragmented space is on your hard drive?

          Since this hasn't happened before but has started happening now, the most likely reason is that your drive is getting gunked up with temp files. Our FAQs at the top of this forum offer advice on keeping your OS clean and running like new.

          Also, if you're using a Vista machine, there are tweaks to get the best performance from it.
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            Thanks. I'll spare you the specs of my machine, its well below the requires specs (Coreduo 1.6Ghz, 2 Gb memory). I don't think drive space will be the problem, because the program is on D (100Gb free) and my projects and data are external.
            So this will only speed up the process of buying a new (Intel quadcore 2.66Ghz?) one. I am still in the testing phase with small (10 minutes) projects. The fact I'm still using XP helped me to do this testing anyway. My new one will be an XP one too.

            When I'm not bothered anymore with hardware problems I will be back.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              A quad core upgrade and 4 gigs of RAM will definitely help -- though maybe moreso with Vista (if you turn off the Vista eye candy) than with XP, unless XP is the Pro version. But now we're getting into an area that I'm not an expert in. I'm just reporting what I've heard.

              But, looking into my crystal ball (which can be foggy), my prediction is that the real boost will come in the next year or so, as software finally starts moving to 64-bit support. (64-bit operating systems are out there, of course, but the software to run on it is lagging.) Then we'll get full use of multi-core processors and gigaloads of RAM.

              And then the world will really be ready to start working with AVCHD.

              But it's up to you if you want to wait until then to start thinking upgrades or if you need to do what you need to do.

              In any event, you'll definitely see improvement with AVCHD when you're running about twice the power as your current processor.
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                Thanks for these contemplations. (BTW all my XP's at home are pro, also the new one.)
                Hopefully PRE will not switch to 64bit support next year, an update once in 2 years is for me enough.

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                  Dats the case with most of us.
                  Technological upgrades are burning holes in everyone's pockets specially in this recession time. :-)
                  i would still recommend a to upgrade a dual/quad core with 4GB RAM for better editing experience.
                  Also reporting the issue to tech support will also be a good idea.
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                    Ozpeter Level 1
                    In the Audition forums, this error message comes up for discussion quite often. Audio sound card driver problems are sometimes responsible, or VST plugins. However, one knowledgeable member commented that in essence, it means there's something wrong somewhere...
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      That venerable member's observation is right-on, 100%!

                      Unfortunately, error messages in any program, or OS, seldom give us what we need to find out if that "something," that is wrong is in Mayfair, Oslo, or Boise - maybe even Sydney?!?

                      I had not heard that phrase before, but I like it.

                      I think that a standing Feature Request (for all software, not just Adobe) should be "give us something to go on, please... " At least there are quite a few lists that help one find a starting point for the troubleshooting. The lists that the various Adobe users have compiled on these forums and others are getting pretty good. It is seldom that one encounters an obscure error #, nowadays, that someone else has not encountered, researched, and has some suggestion(s) for. The Premiere-wiki (http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Adobe_Premiere_Pro_Wiki)
                      is repleat with a ton of them and for many individual Adobe NLE/authoring apps. Always a good place to start, even before Google.

                      Then, if we could only get MS to do something about those lines of code, that seem to populate many error message. Even the MS programers don't know what that stuff is!

                      I'm just glad that most of my Adobe stuff, and my hardware, seldom give me errors, with the exception of a big flashing graphic, "OE! OE! Don't do that! OE! OE!"