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    Out of memory rendering microsoft dv avi

      I have a video in premiere elements and it is about 13 minutes long. all the video is standard dv video from a mini dv tape (not hd). There are some photos used in the video also (maybe a total of 12), and one special effect from effects lab (about 3 seconds long) that is avi. I render as mpeg2 with no problems, but I am trying to render as an avi, when I render using Microsoft DV as the format I can an 'out of memory' error during rendering. I get the same error when I try to render 'Movie' from the File menu. I have 4 gig of ram. Does anyone know how I can render a good quality AVI without running into this issue?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Microsoft AVI is not the best way to go. You want a DV-AVI, available under the Personal Computer/Share option.

          The most common reason for out of memory errors is oversized photos. As we say in the FAQs at the top of this forum, you'll get the highest quality video and the best performance if you optimize your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels before you bring them into Premiere Elements.

          Using larger photos only overloads the program.