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    Weird organizer functionality

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      I'm new to PE7 so it could be something I am doing wrong but I get
      frustrated by its seeming inability to keep the same source files in the

      I have my old home-movies sorted by year into folders. When I start a new
      project, say "1988 tape 1" and select the dv files in my 1988 folder, it
      adds the files to the organizer - or whateve the section of the screen
      showing source files is called.

      If I then save the project and open "1989 tape 1", the dv files in the
      organizer section are still 1988 instead of the 1989 ones I was using with
      that project. It doesn't seem to be remembering which files were a part of
      the project. I can manually re-select them but it seems goofy to have to
      load the project and then re-attach all of the source files each time.

      Am I doing something wrong?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If I'm understanding what you're saying--

          The Organizer displays all of your media files, from most recent and on back, by default.

          To isolate and display only the media for a certain project, either click the Tagging button or double-click on any media clip. This will open up the full version of Premiere Elements 7's Organizer. Then, by selecting the Album for your project, you'll see only the media for that particular project.

          Is that what you're looking for?

          There's more in my Premiere Elements 7 book and in my article on the Organizer available at http://www.muvipix.com