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    Maximum File Dimensions PE7

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      I had been told it is 4096X4096, however I was able to open files up to 4720X3540 so I suspect that any one dimension doesn't matter as long as the total is less than 4096squared=16777216 pixels. Can someone confirm this?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Well, some people have used photos that large, just to see if they can do it. Just like some people have tried using over 100 tracks of video -- just to see if they can push the program beyond its limits.

          But trust me on this: In real world video editing, particularly if you're working on a project longer than a few slides, you do NOT want to use 10 and 16 meg photos.

          For standard video, keep it below 1000x750 pixels. For high def, you can go to about 2200 x 1235 -- but you're going to see serious lugging on even the fastest computers at that size, so I recommend you don't do more than a few photos at that size.

          The bigger the photo, the more the program drags and the longer it takes to render -- and the more likely the program will choke your computer and you'll never get your project done. (Oversized photos are the main cause of crashing during the render/burn phase of projects.)

          Trust us on this.
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            PeterFDuke Level 1
            Yes, I can confirm that 4096x4096 (4096 max on either dimension) used to be the limit, but with PE7 at least it is 16777216 (2^24) total pixels that is the maximum. PE gives you a polite error message if you exceed that and doesn't crash.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Peter, you're definitely a daredevil! ;)
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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                I tried a 524 x 32000 pixel jpeg, unchecked scale to frame size, and keyframmed the anchor point to roll the image from top to bottom like credits. Then I went to render a preview and got an out of memory error. But then I exported it to DV-AVI without any problem. So doing one image at a time and exporting it without doing any rendering of previews seems to work.

                I have 1 GB RAM total with 96 MB shared RAM for video.
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                  PeterFDuke Level 1
                  >Peter, you're definitely a daredevil!

                  Purely an academic excercise, I assure you. At any rate my humble still camera only takes 5 M pixel pictures, which I only use sparingly at full resolution in my videos.

                  I have however stitched together a series of stills to make a panorama using Serif Panorama Plus, which I scaled and trimmed to make 4096x576. I then panned it in PE without problems. (Why not pan with a video in the first place? Because we ran out of video tape at the time!)