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    Pre7 contents error during file extraction


      15 days ago I bought online the PE7 upgrade (from PE4) in Download Option (PE4 was ordered via the original DVD pack, bundled with PSE6); after the download, I installed PE7 on my PC, and all was rigth. But I still have a problem to install the Pre7_Cont_WWSINLST_7z file, because during the extraction I receive an error message "A problem occurred during file extraction. Check the disk space and write the privileges to the destination file". I reported it 10 days ago to the support center,
      I tried to re-download the files, change PC (a laptop, another desktop), change folder, use another user account, create a new user; all the suggestion from the support center were adopted, but without good results. Until today, nobody solved the issue, and I am working without Contents.

      Am I alone in experiencing that issue? Can I order the original DVD?

      In addition, I'm frustrated to experience the same problems I had in PE4: crash during start Pre7, crash during scrolling clips, hang during title editing, error in rendering in Share to DVD (both to DVD or to disk) with alternatively error messages "PluginCodec error" (already reported in this forium, but still without a solution), or "wrong MPEG file".

      In occasion to buy the new upgrade, I reformatted the system disk, and a new installation of Win XP (sp3) was done...

      ADOBE!!! The promises were not true!!! The only reason I bought the upgrade from PE4 was the promised good stability in PE7... I'm very disappointed.


      My PC main characteristics:
      Win XP Professional SP3
      MB ASUS P5KE
      graphic card Nvidia 8500 512 MB
      4 GB DDR2 RAM
      Intel Pentium Dual Core Duo 2,66 Ghz
      System HDD 100 GB
      Video HDD 2 x 400 GB
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If you'd like to contact Adobe, you should do so by clicking the Contact button in the upper right of the page.

          This is a user-to-user forum. No Adobe people respond to messages posted on this board.
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            Thanks. I contacted Adobe 10 days ago, and they answered me to contact the local support. I phoned to the green number in Italy, explaining the problem. The operator didn't find an open issue, and the only help he gave me was to send me the the general checklist by e-mail. The checklist (I already found the checklist some days ago by myself, before the contact...) suggests many actions, but mainly for issues related to the XP environment, possibly conflicts that may arise between some other applications, or configuration during installation phase.

            My problem is related to the extraction phase, immediatly after the download, and before the installation. No similar issues are reported. May be I encountered a new bug, but the overall support was very low. For example, Adobe specialists didn't tell me if the original file Pre7_Cont_WWSINLSW_7z is corrupted or not...I think this is one of the first verification to do, but it's too easy...

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              Looks like the file(Pre7_Cont_WWSINLST_7z file) is not downloaded properly.

              You should try and download the content file again. Or try downloading the Trial Contents that might be available.

              For the "messages "PluginCodec error" "wrong MPEG file" ;

              Try using DV aVI clips and proceed with your work and check if it is still unstable. Even here if it fails then we can proceed in a different direction to solve this problem. If the DVaVI workflow works fine, then we should try and look at the source mPEG files.
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                The tests I made were as follows:
                - re-download the file, also from different PCs; in total 10 downloads until today;
                - re-install Windows XP (sp2), and try to extract the file, with no other applications installed, no internet, no Nero, nothing. In that case I had the best result, the extraction interrupted after the 74% of extracted files; in the other cases, the extraction interrupts mainly from about 3% until 36%-40%.
                - try to extract from different PCs: a IBM Thinkpad T41, a HP 6110, another desktop with similar characteristics.

                Regarding the "PluginError" and the "wrong Mpeg file", the source clips are standard DV AVI. The problem (and the related messages) occurs when you are rendering to obtain a DVD, both to DVD and to file. The MPEG error isn't related to the source, but to the output; it occurs during the final phase of rendering, prior to burn the DVD.
                At the end, I found a turn-around of the issue: after a reboot, the rendering worked fine....do you believe it?

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                  So is the content installation also done !