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    Full HD *.mts to wmv HD limited VBR


      I have a Canon HF10 which gives 1920x1080 25fps noninterlaced.
      The camcorder stores in mts.
      I like to convert it to wmv. This works but the vbr is limited to 10000 which gives a higher compression than the mts and a effects on dark objects.

      Is there a way to increase the limit?

      Thanks, Michael
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          I think 10000 is the limit, but there is another option. If you select the Windows Media Video Advanced V9 video codec, then select VBR one-pass, you adjust the slider based on quality, with 100 being the highest. It was going to take 20 minutes to render one minute of video on my machine so I cancelled that and now leave it up to you to try.

          EDIT: Well, I tried about 5 seconds worth. The one-pass VBR is 5 times as large as the two-pass VBR. I can't play back the one-pass vbr without it studdering, you need a bigger computer than I have. But from what I can tell, the one-pass looks better.
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            Thanks, I will try it and give you feedback. I have a new Vaio notebook with P8400, hope this is enough...
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              It works but not very usable.
              Without a 2 pass encoding the quality is to bad or the size to big.

              I try another way by using my PC at work (XP 64 Bit, Quad 6600):

              1. way: using 'Corel VideoStudio X2 trial' - don't support WMV HD
              2. way: using 'Microsoft Encoder 2 trial' - don't support AVCHD
              3. way: converting it to uncompressed avi and with Windows Media Encoder and it works fine.

              I think that the support of Fulll HD is to bad in all current software.

              Premiere would be the best at this moment without this restriction.