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    Write rendered files under PE 7.0 back onto SDHC Card

      I have a Test version of PE 7 running under Windows XP professional with SP3. - My AVCHD-Cam is a Panasonic SD1 with an SDHC Card. PE 7 imports the video files either from the Cam directly(USB) or from the HDSC Card - with an appropriate adapter -. without any problem (!!). Working under PE 7 with these files is also no problem.

      The problem arises when I try to play the rendered version back onto the SDHC Card. This is not possible since a) under "share" there is no SDHC Symbol und b) the rendered file has not the same format as the original one m2ts vs mts. The alternativ to generate a DVD that can be accepted by the Panasonic HDWriter 2.0 (a tool for storing content of the Cam on DVD and playing it back) is also not possible.

      There are many features in PE 7 that I would like to use. Certainly there is the way via bluray but playing it back onto the Card would be very helpful.

      Is there a trick with some additional programs (or perhaps patches) that I can write the video back onto the Card.