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    PE7 - "A Serious Error Has Occurred..." on startup

      I just installed Premiere Elements 7 on a 4GB, dual core, Vista Ultimate machine with plenty of free disk space.

      I can start the program fine, but when the opening screen appears, if I ask to "Open Project", and select an existing project, it always comes up with the error message "Sorry - a serious error has occurred...", and has to close.

      Steps taken:

      1) If I try to open a project by double clicking on the project file, PE7 starts up and opens the project fine. Similarly, if I start PE7 and select "New Project", then from the menu try to open an existing project, it works fine. It's only when I try to open a project from the opening screen that the problem occurs.

      2) I've tried creating new projects. The problem is not specific to any one project.

      3) I've been step by step through the suggestions in Knowledge Base article kb406747. The first suggestion, deleting the styles folder, works
      *once*, but the problem immediately recurs the next time I start up PE7.

      4) I've also tried uninstalling/reinstalling PE7, with no improvement.

      Does anyone have any more suggestions? I can work around this as in #1 above, but since this is all brand new (and I don't even have any existing projects - I only just bought the camera), this is a bit disappointing.