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    Premiere DVD music length

      Is there any way to have the menu music or video play longer than 20 seconds?? It's really annoying, what software can I do this???
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          Unfortunately, no.

          In some DVD authoring programs, you can, up to a point. Encore allows 40 sec., and some cell-editing programs do have work-arounds. Most of these are very expensive, with the cheapest being DVD Studio Pro at ~ US$250.00. Sonic Scenarist allows more, but unless you are very "flush," I'd not even think about it.

          The best that I have done is to choose music that fades up fades down within the time frame, and has enough repetition, so that the user does not notice this. I've picked a dozen such pieces (SmartSound) and edited them to work like the music is continuous, when it is looping.

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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            The maximum is 30 seconds. If it's only 20 seconds then there is a SWF or other animation associated with the menu that lasts only 20 seconds.