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    PE 3 Mpeg file format not recognized

      Mpeg file format can't go into premiere. Can anyone help?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Can you give us more information?

          Where is this video from? How did it get into your computer? And how are you trying to get it into Premiere Elements?

          Are you using Get Media/PC Files and Folders to import the video into a project?
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            Hi Steve,
            I just bought a Canon FS100 video camera. I imported the video to their program (Pixela Image Mixer 3 SE). Then saved it to my desktop so I could use it in premiere. It's an mpeg-2 file. Maybe I should just go directly into premiere? I don't think it's going to recognize it but I will try it.
            Thanks for any help you can give me.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              You're still not telling me how you're trying to get the program to recognize the video, Barbie.

              You don't use File/Open, for instance, to open a video file. You start a video project and then use Get Media/PC Files and Folders to browse to it. Is that what you're doing? (This process varies, depending on which version of the program you have.)

              Even if this doesn't work, you may be able to edit it in Windows MovieMaker -- although your best bet is the editing software that came with the camera.

              However, if that Pixela software is capable of converting your video to DV-AVIs, then you can convert the video and edit that in Premiere Elements, if you need this program's more powerful features.
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                Yes, I went to the get media/pc files and folders. It's a vod file straight from the camera.
                I don't think that Pixela can export to DV-AVI - do you know of a good program that can without losing video quality.
                Thanks for getting back with me, Steve!
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Sorry, Barbie. I don't think I'm going to be able to help you.

                  Maybe someone else can figure out what's going on.
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                    Paul_LS Level 4
                    I think you mean the files are .MOD files. What version of PE are you using? The newer versions should be able to handle MOD files. Otherwise you may need to convert them to DV-AVI using MPEG_Streamclip. See this FAQ:
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                      Why Don't you directly import the files into Premiere Elements? If the computer can detect this camera and you can browse it in explorer, Premiere Elements will also be able to do so. You can use Media Downloader and extract your files directly into the application.

                      It should work.

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                        I have the same camera Canon FS100 (it was on sale)


                        It took quite a while, but I found that "Super" would create a workable file for use with Premiere Pro CS4.


                        Super   v2009.bld.35



                        There are possibly many ways to do it.

                        One I found that worked well was to save it as


                        mpg...    Mpeg-II...   mp2


                        use FFmpeg








                        you may also try



                        I looked at it - but I havn't tryed it yet.


                        And P Pro CS4 was then able to edit the file.

                        The issue is that the audio is AC-3  Dolby Digital

                        and so far I can't get it to work with Ppro?




                        PS if anyone knows of a better way to save the output files please let us know.

                        I tried 100s of combinations to find one that worked.

                        I don't claim that it is the best.

                        I was just very happy to be able to use the software I played big bucks for and the camera I (already had)

                        If I had bunches of extra money and an old tux laying around I would buy a better camera.....

                        But for now it is the best I can afford.

                        And I am enjoying learning the Adobe CS4 collection of software.

                        It gives me something to do while I look for work.


                        Good luck with your camera,



                        Your out of work Flight Instructor just

                        Trying to make a few fun stearman flying videos

                        and a few dvds to hand out the the kids baseball teams

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                          Kodebuster Level 3



                          I also use Super with a similiar setup to change Mpeg's from my Sony Cam, to Mpegs with a different Video Scale Size. (It makes what comes off of my Cam fit better on a wide screen TV).


                          Everything is the same except I use MEncoder, not FFmpeg, and I keep the BitRate high to preserve as much quality as possible, while trying to keep the output file size reasonable.


                          The MEncoder seems to work fine,


                          Is there a reason to use one versus the other, as all things equal, the output of both show no difference to my (old) eyes...lol...


                          (Out of habit I do convert these to DV-AVI, prior to import into PE)...