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    Cleaning PE4 and deleting mcdb files


      I have had problems with PE4 giving the "premier elements.exe has stopped working message" about 75% of the way through burning a project to folder or DVD.

      I have followed all the advice on here, and followed advice from adobe technical support but all to no avail.

      Originally I had the problem on a previous PC. I now have new Dell XPS420 and transferred my old files using microsoft backup/restore and the problem has transferred along with all the files. My projects burn fine on a friends PC so I know that the problem is not with the project itself.

      Anyway to cut a long story short adobe have sent me a copy of PE7 to try. Before install it I want to clean all the PE4 files off and have a clean installation. I have uninstalled PE4 and then done a simple file search on the word "premier". This reveals lots of files left on my system. The bulk of these have extension .avi.mcdb. adobe tech support gave a fairly vague answer on whether I should delete these.

      Can anyone advise what .mcdb files are, and whether I can safely delete them.

      Also I have the following files left. Can I safely delete these also?

      Many thanks