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    PE7 Crashes Outputting Flash 8

      I have 1080i masters captured with PE7. When I share using Flash 8 and select Flash 8 700 kb, select resize 720 x 400, bit rate=CBR, Encoding Passes=1, I can get a file to successsfully be created.

      If I select either VBR or 2 pass encoding, PE7 crashes after a few minutes with an unhandled exception. I would like to look into these higher quality options. Since they are offered I suppose they are suitable for Flash 8, but selecting them seems to crash the program.
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          Hey Janis,
          I tried the same scenario and it worked for me. Could you provide a little more info about this.
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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            I had no problems either using 30 second 1440x1080i AVCHD clip. That takes about 6 minutes total for both passes.

            Did you make any edits? If yes, can you do it successfully without edits? How long is the movie you are exporting?

            I can think of running out of hard drive space, out of memory, or corrupted installation, or using Vista.
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              I'm just starting one over again having encoded for 5 hours before it crashed.

              My videos are an hour long. They have edits and lots of titles added. The results, when successful can be seen at http://RollerSport.TV. PE4 was actually more reliable for me than PE7 but it still crashed a lot.

              I have a quad-core XP SP2 with 1 TB video hard drive and 4 GB ram.

              My most recent crash was with resize=720x404, constant bit rate, encoding pass 1, flash 8, 700 KB. The most bothersome thing is that it crashes without any kind of notification. Adobe really should have something to deal with unhandled exceptions other than crash.

              I fear that it is an issue of scale. I will start with small files and see what I can learn. I'm also tempted to revert to PE4, it didn't crash so often.

              Thanks - will let you know when I learn more.

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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                You might be more successful in the future if you converted the 1080i to DV-AVI format before doing any editing. Then use the DV-AVI on the timeline and edit that in a DV Widescreen project. When you export to DV-AVI, make sure that "Lower Field First" is selected on the Keyframe and Rendering tab -- it will be "Upper" by default in a 1080i project.

                To export, make sure the timeline has the focus, then go File > Export > Movie > Settings:

                File Type: on General tab: change to Microsoft DV-AVI
                Pixel Aspect Ratio: on Video tab: change to D1/DV Widscreen 16:9
                Fields: on Keyframe and Rendering tab: change to Lower Field First.
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                  I've done an experiment. I did a one minute clip with a title and encoded vbr passes=2 just fine.
                  Then I did a process of one of my 1 hr projects with the same settings, Flash 8, 700KB, vbr, passes=2 and it ran for 7 hours. Then it crashed with an unhandled exception.
                  The message was R6025 - pure virtual function call.
                  I have Visual Studio installed so I launched a debugger and discovered the program counter was as 7813 BD93 and the instruction was
                  DS:(781c 4920h),0

                  Perhaps someone with access to the source tree can tell us what the issue might be.

                  Anyway, I got far enough to make a discovery. The output is absolutely beautiful, but too good for the likes of me. I upload to Viddler which imposes a limit of 500MB on a file. When the crash happened with 6 minutes time remaining the file size was 712 MB. Perhaps when Viddler allows playlists I will revisit the issue.

                  For now, the one pass cbr must do. I'm guessing that that was the default for PE4 since the quality seems the same. I am blown away with the quality for vbr two passes but it is too big :-(

                  Thanks for your assistance.