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    PE7 and Vista

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      I was wondering if PE7 works on Vista 64 bit

      I need to know asap thank you!
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          PE7 is a 32bit app. I understand that it should work in compatibility mode.
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            Try the trail version from adobe.<br /><br /><br /><chris_s_b@adobeforums.com> wrote in message <br />news:59b71d5f.-1@webcrossing.la2eafNXanI...<br />>I was wondering if PE7 works on Vista 64 bit<br />><br />> I need to know asap thank you!
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              Running it on Vista 64 bit 4 weeks now, had two hangups while working on an old DV-AVI project, no problems with AVCHD projects zo far...
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                PRE7.0 works on VISTA 64Bit.
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                  my pe7 crashes all the time. i am using quad processor vista 64 bit two terra byte drives and 12 gig of ram so i reckon i have enough resources. ok so i know pe7 is not supposed to work with vista 64. i get the ImporterAVI.prm crash. sometimes i could never open a project. a bit of a work around - but not foolproof - creat a dummy project with no clips in. always open pe7 with this project. add your clips and rename project. might be agood idea not to add hundreds of clips all at once. work on your project and save it. when you want to work on the project again open the dummy project and open your actual project under 'open recent projects'. i found if i try and open my actual project with loads of clips in it crashes. it seems once pe7 is open it keeps going for a while. make sure you set your autosave to a short period. as i said its not fool proof but it got me going so i could at least do some work.


                  other crash which is repeatable. if you  try and block move clips containing an audio transition the time line will freeze. a work around is just insert a bit of black video in front of the clips and they will all move along. just expand the black video out to move the clips. you can always move them back by doing a delete and close gap.

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                    Kodebuster Level 3

                    You can check out this thread for what I found out about PE7, Vista, and Adobe support options:




                    I will be purchasing an HP 64bit machine shortly, and my comfort level is okay based on what I was able to hear and observe on this forum.


                    Either way I'll be well positioned for the day when Adobe releases a 64 bit version of PE7 (hopefully in my lifetime)...

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                      many thanks for that - i didn't find that thread. looks like i'll just have to wait and see what happens