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    Image De-Sampling

      I have read that the maximum image size for PREL should be no more than 1000 x 700 pixels.

      Q: Can someone recommend a process to de-sample several images at once? Is there a facility in PREL or Photoshop Elements?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          To batch resize in Photoshop Elements, from the Editor select: File>Process Multiple Files and you'll see the option in the window.
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            Level 1
            Cool beans. Thanks for the suggestion.
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              VideoJohnny Level 1
              If you use the PSE Prganizer, it is easier to select the files, then selecr File->Export. I like this method better than launching Process Multiple Files from the Editer because the procss Multiple Files festure requires all the files to be in a specific folder and subfolders. If you re-size using the Organizer then it does not matter where the files are located. There is a lo a preset (100x768) that you can use.
              I also recommend to change the format to PSD while you are at it.
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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                You can do it all from Premiere Elements, and in batch style.

                What you need to do is set up preferences so that the default still image length is only 1 frame. That has to be done before you start the project or open an existing one. Drag the images from the organizer or media bin to the timeline. You have to be zoomed in all the way so you can see individual frames.

                Now all you have to do is export: File > Export > Movie, then click on settings and select TIFF or JPEG for the video type. Enter 1000 x 750 for size, enter 1.0 Square Pixel for aspect ratio. If you select JPEG there is a slider on one of the tabs that controls the quality of the JPEG. That should be all that you have to do in the export dialog, and then save to a new folder.

                Instead of changing the default still image length in preferences, you can instead use the slideshow function to change the length of stills to 1 frame, and clear the checkbox for applying a default transition. You get to that by selecting one or more still images in the media bin, then right-click and select Slideshow from the pop-up menu.

                Since you are resizing your images, you should apply the Sharpen effect before exporting. The default value for the Sharpen effect (since version 4) is 10, which I guess is what Adobe thinks is a good place to start. You can apply any other effects that you want to each image as well.

                You'll have to inspect your images to see that they are all turned landscape.

                With 1 GB RAM, you should be able to do at least 500 images of 5 mega-pixels each at a time in PRE 7, because that's what I just did.