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    PE4 Cannot See Canon HV20

    ken winston Level 1
      I am using a Canon HV20. PE4 cannot find the camcorder. It is plugged into computer via firewire. Computer sees the camcorder and displays an icon in tray.

      When I power up the camcorder in play mode, I get this warning on the camcorder display, "Playback std locked. Incompatible video."

      My PE4 setup is:
      NTSC>DV>Widescreen 48Hz

      Camcorder set up is:
      Digital effects off
      LW Normal/1920x1080
      - DV Rec Mod SP
      Note: AV/DV grayed out

      I cannot get PE4 to see the camcorder.

      What am I doing wrong. I've never had this problem before.