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    PE7 - How many cores?

      Ok.. I have an opportunity to earn some $$ converting some videos to flv and would like to know how many processor cores can really be used by PE7. I am considering a dual socket quad core opteron box with 8GB of RAM initially. I see that it hammers both of the cores on my current athlon x2-64 and am hoping that by having 8 cores that the time will be cut by 75%.

      thoughts or feedback?
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          PE7 certainly uses 4 cores of my Quad. Not sure about dual processors though. Remember if you get two processors you will need XP Pro or Vista Ultimate, other versions wont recognise the two processors.
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            OS is not a problem.. I have several copies of vista ultimate waiting for systems.. anyone out there ever go with more than 4 cores with it? Also if you have seen improvements in going 2 to 4 cores or 4 to 8 let me know..

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              I feel that it would totally depend on how the application uses these extra cores. But for something like export to FLV, i dont think it would be of a BIG impact.
              However, if there are multiple applications running on your system, it would be definately less crowded on the extra cores and the editing application would be free to use some of them.

              With 8GB and 8 Cores, You might not see a lot of difference in proportion, but you would definately (i think) see some improvement.

              If you have the setup ready (as you say that you have several copies of vista waiting..)you should go ahead and give a test run with timings mapped.
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                Also, if your running XP or Vista 32, then 8 gig of memory is over kill.

                I'm pretty sure these operating systems can only address 4 gig.

                If you want 8 gig of addressable memory, then Vista 64 is the way to go.

                But, folks have encounter issues with PE and Vista 64, so your on your own with Vista 64...
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                  PE with Vista64 has works well, Atleast that what my friends (regular PE users) say.
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                    PE with Vista64 may work great in 32 bit compatability mode, but if you ever need to call for (official) Adobe Tech Support, any questions about PE and Vista64 will fall on deaf ears.

                    Until the day that Vista64 is listed as supported by Adobe, your on your own.

                    Well, not completely on your own, the folks on this forum and at Muvipix will always try and lend a helping hand...