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    Cartoon bubbles

      What is the easiest way to add "voice bubbles " over peoples heads in video clips then add text? I need to know where to get the bubbles.. are they in the effects some where in PE7? I have a font called Balloons and it contains bubbles.. I know this sounds stupid but it was the only way i knew how to describe it.. :) mucho thanks!
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          You can create bubbles right in the title designer using the square and the circle shapes. You can select more than one shape and group them so you can move them around together. Then drag the text over the bubble. There are commands to "send to back" and "bring to front" if the text goes behind the bubble.

          Otherwise just find a bubble in some other application and save it with tranasparency. Then from the title designer, you can import the image.

          If you want a boatload of bubbles and all sorts of graphics, go over to Snagit's site http://www.techsmith.com and download the stamps available through the accessories page:

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            Level 1
            I have this now... a little easier ... http://www.fontspace.com/apostrophic-lab/komika-bubbles
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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              Thanks, I have all the bubbles I need.
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                I like to add "extras" to movies that I have made of my grandkid's athletic events, in which I incorporate scenes from coach huddles, parents, etc. and use voice bubbles (or balloons) to add humor. I've found a great site that automates the creation of the balloon and the text that goes within at http://wigflip.com/ds/

                On their site, after entering the text, click the "Submit" button, and the voice bubble with text appears at the top of the page. Click it, and either "Save" to use as is, or "Open" and edit to change the direction of the Spike - for which I use Photoshop Elements, 5.

                In PSE 3, I then, create a Text Box at the appropriate location in the movie, delete the text box and use the "Add image" button to add the voice bubble. I arrange the voice bubble so that the spike aligns with the person that is talking (or thinking). If the person is moving, and the voice bubble needs to move with them, I use the motion values of the image clip to make the voice bubble follow the person.

                A little work, but fun results.