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    How to set default, rendered save directory please?

      So every time I want to export (share) my movie to my PC, the default location is always "My Documents".

      I have set all Scratch Disk locations for my preferred folder, not My Documents.

      Is there a location where I can input a default "Share To" directory. It's a pain to navigate (Browse) through my PC every time to save to my preferred directory.

      Thanks for your time.

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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          The only way I have found to make the share directory stick is in a Quick Share preset. You get a chance to save the current export settings to a Quick Share preset just after the export has completed. On the panel where you see the green checkmark and "Save Completed," there is a "Save as Quick Share" button further down that you click to create a Quick Share.

          The next time you want to export using those same settings, instead of going through all the steps, just use the Quick Share preset that you saved and your path should be ready to go.