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    Puzzling Warning

    John P. Munsinger
      I have been getting the following warning when running PRE 7: "Adobe (PRE) is running very low on system memory. Please save your project and proceed with caution." My system has 2.5 GB RAM, of which 1.6 is free according to Task Mgr. My C: drive has 75 GB capacity of which 34 GB is free; C: has my Programs folder. My F: drive is 750 GB of which 238 GB are free; F: contains my video files and my .prel files. My G: drive is 280 GB with 180 GB free; G: contains my music files. All HDDs are defragmented. Where am I running low on "system memory"? This is a great puzzle to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Your RAM usage will be high as will your page file usage. This problem generally comes about when working on "large" projects, or if using high resolution photos (if so resize them to 1000x750) or working with highly compressed video formats. As a short term workaround to stop the program crashing you can close PE and then re-open it. However you need to look at the root cause... as possibly listed above.
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            John P. Munsinger Level 1
            All of my stills are 1000x750. My video is 41 minutes in length; is that considered large? Are you suggesting that there is nothing I can do about the problem and that I just have to live with it?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Try rendering your project as you work. Press Enter.

              As you work on non-DV-AVI video (such as stills) you'll see a red line running across the top of your timeline. This indicates that the program is rendering every playback on the fly, which can easily eat up your resources. Rendering will cause that line to turn green and will substitute a temporary AVI clip for the stills and non-standard DV files (including MPEGs) for the soft rendering, freeing up lots of your system's resources.

              Also, if you're using Vista SP1, make sure you've optimize the program so it's not wasting your computer's resources on unnecessary things.
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                John P. Munsinger Level 1
                Steve, I always render the timeline before burning and I still get the results described.
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                  John what you can do is that save the project and re-open it again.Sometimes Premiere Elements is not able to free the resources. This mostly happens when Project has been left open for long time.In such cases it is always better to save and reopen the project. reopening the project does the trick
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                    John P. Munsinger Level 1
                    Thanks, Allen, I will give that a try.