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    PE7: Proxy editing

      On another forum, I think it was dvinfo.net but I cannot find the thread, a PE4 user had found a way to use low resolution proxy files to edit HDV files. From what I can remember, the PE4 user modified the *.ini file and possibly also created the 720x480 low resolution files himself. The HDV files were replaced by the low resolution files with the same file names in the editor. Has anyone found a way to use low resolution proxy files for editing in PE7? I would like to buy PE7 but since I have a relatively slow computer (4 year old P4 2.8Ghz ), I need to use low resolution proxy files for editing.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          By design, Premiere Elements only edits native files, which is why is demands so much power for editing HDV and AVCHD video.

          But it's possible Robert, Paul or another deep user has found a hack editing a proxy file.
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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            It is still archived on the Adobe Group Browser for Elements site.<br /><br />http://adobe.groupbrowser.com/searchthread241700-proxy+editing.html<br /><br />Here is what I said:<br /><br />I have a custom project preset for 1080i that has an editing mode of 360x270. Anything you render as a preview is only 360x270 "MPEG-2 I-Frame Only." You can create your own and see if it helps with editing.<br /><br />To create your own, you first pick a project preset by clicking "Setup" on the startup screen displayed by Premiere Elements 4. Select the 1080i 30 or the 1080i 25 project preset from the HDV tree inside the NTSC or PAL nodes. Click the "New Preset" button, then click the "Save" button, then give the custom preset a name and description of your choice. Click "Save as Default." Exit out of Premiere Elements.<br /><br />Now open up your custom preset with WordPad. The custom preset file will be in the following folder:<br /><br />C:\documents and settings\[login id]\application data\adobe\premiere elements\4.0\settings\custom\<br /><br />Once you've opened it in WordPad, scroll down past the gibberish until you get to the line with ObjectID="6" and change the PixelAspectRatio from 1920,1080 to 480,360 and change the FrameSize from 1440,1080 to 360,270. Then save the file.<br /><br /><VideoSettings ObjectID="6" ClassID="58474264-30c4-43a2-bba5-dc0812df8a3a" Version="8"><br /><MaximumBitDepth>false</MaximumBitDepth><br /><PixelAspectRatio>480,360</PixelAspectRatio><br /><FrameSize>0,0,360,270</FrameSize><br />...<br /><br />After saving the file, you can start up PE and create a new project based on that custom preset. Clips you drag to the timeline will look normal sized, but if you render a preview of it, it will only be 360x270. It will look best when magnification is set to "Fit" or 50%.<br /><br />Add titles, effects, transitions. Then render a preview.<br /><br />You may not think that this would export correctly, but so far it has worked for me. The only thing that I haven't tried is burning a Blu-ray disc.<br /><br />Titles won't come out correctly if you change framesizes in some of the other ObjectIDs of the custom preset file. Just change the one that I specified.<br /><br />Hopefully that gives you the idea so you can change the frameszie to something else if you don't like 360x270."<br /><br />Here is what James Bowen said:<br /><br />I tried Robert Johnston's jerry rigged proxy edit technique and it works. His comment is, IMHO, probably the most important comment in this forum, for me at least. Without some means of proxy editing, I probably would have used Ulead VS 11 plus. I decided to try Adobe Premier Elements 4, instead, because I was dissatisfied with the poor rendering I got with Ulead VS 8. I can't stand the blurred slide shows or the flickering menus that I got with Ulead VS 8. I will find out soon if Adobe's rendering engine is any better."
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Robert, this is (as always) brilliant! May I add it to our FAQs?
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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                I don't think I would put it in FAQs. It's unsupported usage. But I don't mind if you put it in the FAQs.
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Thank you once again, Robert. I've added it to the FAQs, acknowledging your contribution of course.