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    Premiere 7 still crashing-freezing

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      I tried to find my original post in Sept. or Oct. but could not. I complained about PE 7 crashing when "exporting to tape". The problem is still there. I cannot get through a AVI. without "freezing" I gave up....Re-installed PE3 and have had no problems at all. Burned all my AVIs. I have a problem with playing the timeline on the monitor too, the timeline will just stop from time to time. Also, the timeline must be adjusted every time I open PE 7. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with PE 7 so far. I checked for updates and fixes and see none. Really sorry so far that I bought this version......
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          I forgot to say that I still get the "low memory" warning when I have plenty of memory. That has also been a problem since I installed PE 7. I get this warning when I try to make an AVI. and I have gotten around that probem by starting (saving and closing) PE7 over again.
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            John P. Munsinger Level 1
            For what it is worth, I have the same issues with PE 7. I never had these problems with PE 3. In addition to your experience, the DVDs I burn with PE 7 are not always smooth. There are points where the DVD will hesitate for a second or two before going on. It is very disconcerting and disappointing.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              With so many possible issues (hardware, operating system, source files, background processes, the presence of Norton products, etc.), it's probably best if you contact Adobe Tech Support, bill.
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                Thanks Steve, John, there must be some incompatibility with PE7 because PE 3 does just great. I'll call support next week and I dread that. I installed from disc and maybe there is a flaw in that. Maybe the stopping while playing the timeline is connected to the stopping/freezing when exporting to tape but the freezing problems (export) are much more frequent than stoppage on the timeline. I know little about software. Could this be a weak/defective driver?
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  It could be outdated Quicktime. And you can try a repair/install of the program too. Just put in the installation disk without uninstalling.

                  On most counts, version 7 is more stable than versions 3 or 4 -- but it also has much higher demands on memory too. I doubled my RAM in XP from 1 to 2 gig; for Vista I'd go to 3 or 4 gig.
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                    Steve..I don't know if you recall reading the Belarc that I e-mailed to you. Yes, I have the latest version of quicktime and if you recall I have XP with updated 2 gig ram and external 500 gig drive. I did all the updates and everything you suggested in Oct. Sorry , I just could not find my original post in October. I was just about to try support. If I find the fix ,I'll let you know!
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      Thanks, bill. Sorry I can't offer much more help.
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                        Oh! Thats OK Steve....My family thinks I am beyond help anyway. Have a Merry Christmas and that goes to all the members of this Forum. The reason I so dread using Tech Support (Adobe) and other tech support sites is that I have so much trouble understanding foreign dialects and sometime end up not only with the problem not being solved, but additional problems as well. Sometimes it seems like I have spent most of my life on the phone with tech support people! Sound familiar? If nothing else, I will put PE7 on "the back burner" and use PE 3 until all the problems with PE7 have been resolved.
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                          John P. Munsinger Level 1
                          I too am running on XP with all service packs installed; and I have the latest version of QuickTime also installed. I am not running Norton; my virus checker is Kaspersky. All of my hardrives are defragmented and have an abundance of unused space. I have 2.5 GB of RAM with 1.6 unused according to Task Manager.
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                            Maybe Adobe will resolve all the issues with PE7 , John. We are not alone!
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                              John P. Munsinger Level 1
                              Good luck as you take on this task. I will watching and cheering you on. Keep us posted on your results. And thanks to Steve and others who have monitored and contributed to this thread.
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                                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                                The stopping of playback and the stopping of exporting back to tape was something introduced in Premiere Elements 4.0 and still exists in Premiere Elements 7.0.

                                There are two possible solutions. Disconnect your cable or DSL modem from your computer, then start Premiere Elements. Some sort of communication causes Premiere Elements to lose focus, and when it does, it stops playback. You can't just take the internet "offline" using software such as Internet Explorer or Zonealarm. I'll have to retry this in version 7 to see if it still works.

                                The other method is to "encapsulate" Premiere Elements using Windows Sniper. http://www.unhuman.com.
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                                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                                  Update. Turns out that pulling the plug on my DSL modem didn't prevent PRE 7 from stopping playback after 15 minutes. But Windows Sniper works.
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                                    Having just purchased the PE and PS elements bundle I am dissappointed to read of these crashing problems. Of course I know of the complexities of windows and applications but I would have thought by Version 7 such debilitating errors had been eliminated. Even more so since that, in PE 3 I never saw them.

                                    I have just started to experience crashing and "out of memory" errors when rendering video clips during the editing of a 2 hour video with LOTS of still photos. So far I'm struggling on and hope to get to a finish with it.

                                    On the positve side I find PE 7 a significant improvement on PE 3 at least as far as the User Interface is concerned.

                                    Lets hope an update arrives soon which will fix there annoying problems.
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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                      James, have you optimized the photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs at the top of this forum?
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                                        Excellent tips, Guys! Since disconnect did not help Robert I will try the "sniper". I really hesitate calling on Adobe tech because I doubt they will admit problems. Keep me updated!
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                                          I haven't resized the stills, Steve. However I have mow completed the rendering of the video previews. I was getting an error about problems writing to drive, but I kept on aknowlegdging the error and retrying. After doing this several times the remaining previews, probably close on 200, were rendered without any further problems.

                                          Ofcourse I don't know yet if I have stored up more problems for the future. I still have at leat one audio track to add yet before compiling the DVD.


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                                            Jim...I resized my photos too (some time ago) and that did not help (only slightly larger than Steve recommended to start with.) Robert, I looked at your links and I have downloaded Sniper but not installed yet. I will talk with Adobe first and if not fixed (or soon to be fixed) I will go ahead with the install.
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                                              Also , Jim..... I will give you the advice Steve gave me long ago. Instead of having one huge project, do in in small parts, burned to Avi's and then add your AVI "parts" together for the final burn. It is much easier to find your way around the timeline with small segments, with out all the clutter.
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                                                Thaks for this Bill. I have too say a 2hr+ video does get a bit unwieldy!

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                                                  No no... It is not more stable than 3 or 4...

                                                  I'm using PEL since version 2 (the most stable)... and version 7 is the worst !! When playing with HD, the mean time between crashing is almost 10 minutes...

                                                  I really thinking switching to Vegas if Adode does not publish a fix quickly ! (hard to say that because I'm an Adobe fanatic!)


                                                  [Vista32 - Intel Quad Core - 3Gb RAM - 2 x 1TB DD]
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                                                    Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                                                    I haven't really tried Hi-def that much, but for standard definition it is the most stable I have used of ALL versions.
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                                                      Paul_LS Level 4
                                                      All I work on is high definition... I use both HDV MPEG2 and AVCHD and have had no stability issues at all with PE7. Strange how one person can have many issues and another none... must be to do with the computer configuration and/or other software loaded. I must admit that I run PE7 on its own partition with very few other programs installed and the computer is never connected to teh internet so no Virus scanners or anything.
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                                                        I am not in as deep into video as most of you are and I was not even aware of Vegas. All of my electronics are Sony except my still cameras and if Vegas is as good as their electronics...it must be something! I think Paul (and Steve) are partially right about problems associated with loaded software and if I had the money I would have PE7 on a dedicated computer. I do still think that if PE3 can run so well without problems that PE7 definately does have problems and before I give up on Adobe I will wait for fixes. They will come. They always have!
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                                                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                                          Unfortunately, they usually come in the next version only...
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                                                            where is your data is stored. Is it on same hard disk or network location. If its in network locations. Pleae keep you data in you system and try to export the tape.
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                                                              My 500 gig external drive is dedicated to video only and no data storage or other files. Thanks!
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                                                                I'm having a similar problem. I am downloading video from my Sony HDR-SR11 (AVCHD). I am trying to create a DVD that is NTSC-wide from the AVCHD originals.

                                                                I'm not doing much. Import video. Add scene markers. Create disc menu. Burn disc. On occasion I get a crash when adding the scene markers. Almost always I get a crash if I burn a DVD. Once out of 10 tries - I've tried every option I can think of to get it to work. Too bad it worked that first time or I would be sure it is impossible.

                                                                I can create a PC file though. Only one crash out of 4 tries. I then use a different app to write the DVD. Tada.. It works but the results aren't as good as I want. So I'd really like to find a solution for PE7.

                                                                QuickTime - up to date
                                                                Pentium 4, 2GIG, 150 GIG HD.
                                                                What am I missing?
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                                                                  Bill, I have downloaded but not installed (yet) Windows "Sniper" (to encapsulate) as Robert has suggested , if you read his comments. I have not called Adobe Tech help yet and I dread doing so. I think "Sniper" is free to try and I don't know the cost to buy yet. I hate to spend ANY money to fix what Adobe should. If PE3 can run without problems on my computer, why not PE7? If you try Sniper, let me know the results!
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                                                                    I am about fed up and about to give up! I have contacted Adobe Techs twice and I still have the crashing and freezing problems. I made a wmv file and exported it to tape and it did work (directed to try by Adobe). However, It took 1 1/2 hrs. to export to wmv and then another 1 hr. to render and export to tape! About 3 times longer to export to tape using PE3! I need to know the answer to these questions: Can I FOR SURE run PE3 and PE7, or will one interfere with the other? I asked Adobe if there would/could be problems using an avi made in PE3 with PE7 and was told maybe. Your opinion? I was told that I had to live with making an wmv (if it worked) and I cannot accept that. I am going to try one more thing. Maybe my software has a defect. I am going to try the "trial version" to see if the problem is still there. I am really burned out now!
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                                                                      Oh Yes... I have all the latest drivers , Quicktime 7, Directx Windows 3 and I did turn off security and also disconnected from the Internet. Made no difference.
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                                                                        Problems continue..... I think I have a combination of problems! Now that I have all the latest updates/drivers I must be having a 1394 card problem or problems with Pro Link. I can export to tape to my camcorder using PE7 Or PE 3 (both installed) but when I connect the cable to my Pro link I sometimes audio but no video and the timeline indicator won't move. Sometimes I get nothing at all. How can I diagnose the Pro Link and 1394 card. Replace the card?
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                                                                          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to members of the Forum! How can I be so cheery after spending most of my free time trying to get PE7 to work since it's release? It's tough! I have ordered a new Firewire card to see if I am having trouble there too. Now things are so bad that PE7 will "trip" my camcorder on export to tape but will not trigger/trip my Pro link at all! I have made some progress with Steve and Robert's help, however. I do not (yet!) get the "low memory warning". I will keep reporting on my progress , if any. A few years ago I posted an unusual? problem when I bought my pro-link. My installed Belkin firewire card worked just fine with everything else, but not my new Pro Link! There evidently was not a strong enough signal to "trip" the Pro Link. I guessed and my guess was right (after returning the Pro Link for another) and I got a firewire card from ADS and that fixed it! I wish I had friends that did video so I could try their equipment, but at my age all my friends are dead or in a coma!
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                                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                            Merry Christmas back at you! I hope that Santa Claus brings you a fix, especially as you have been put through the wringer on this one.

                                                                            Good luck with new FW card.

                                                                            Thanks for reporting on your troubleshooting efforts. You are certainly "taking one for the team" there. You may be helping others with your efforts and documentation.

                                                                            Hope that it all gets sorted out. I do not yet have PE7, so cannot directly comment, but so many others seem to have installed it and gotten it working well, that I'd almost have to suspect something in/on your system is the cause. Hope you nail it soon.

                                                                            Good luck all the way round,


                                                                            PS - I'd definitely use a dedicated IEE1394 chip for the camera connections, and not one shared with anything else. FW is more forgiving, than is USB, but still can have problems with more than one channel of a chip being used. Camera to computer connection is pretty intensive for data processing and the chip can easily become overloaded and get squirrely.
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                                                                              Thanks Bill, and I will definitely let the Forum know when and if PE7 is fixed. Still waiting on a firewire card and yes, I use that card for PE only. I hope that solves the issue but, like you, I feel that something is in conflict with PE7. If I still have issues after trying a new firewire card I will call Adobe for the third time, and if no fix is offered I will go to customer support/relations and hope for some kind of credit. I am very patient and reasonable,( working directly with the public 42 years makes me that way!) I just want PE7 to work!
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                                                                                John P. Munsinger Level 1
                                                                                First of all, I'd like to thank "billtate" for the persistence and calm spirit in which you are pursuing this agravating issue. There is obviously some program conflict that is causing the problem. I am one of the earlier post-ers and have been watching the posts with great interest and anticipation for a solution.

                                                                                I'm not optimistic about the firewire card solution, frankly. And I hate to be negative about it. I have a firewire card and I do not use PE7 to capture, so firewire does not seem to me to be the likely culprit or solution.

                                                                                In an earlier post, Steve made the observation that a fix would "unfortunately, ... come in the next version only... ". This strikes me as insulting (not Steve, but Adobe). We suffer with the problem and then have to pay for an upgrade in order to get it fixed. That does not seem right. It certainly is not good customer relations.

                                                                                In any event, I await a solution and I'm cheering Bill on. To all of the great people on this forum, I say thank you and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a bug-free New Year.
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                                                                                  I'll have to agree with you John. I doubt that the problem is with Pro-Link or the firewire card but I wanted to be sure before I call Adobe support again. I really doubt that this will be resolved. I am SO GLAD I still have PE3 to fall back on, especially with grandkids Christmas videos/photos coming up! I had a firewire card (Belkin) that I mentioned failed to work the Pro-Link years ago. It had a lifetime warranty that I had forgotton about until this incident. They are sending me a new one. Belkin is a great company!
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                                                                                    You are going to love this story! I installed a new StarTech Firewire card and now my problems are different! I have removed PE7 completely until I can get PE3 running again. With PE3, until lately, I could export and import video by firewire and I could export video via Pro-link. Things got worse slowly until I could not export to tape at all. With this new card, I was able to import video for one try and cannot get any results since. The new card is recognized by device manager. The new card will not "trigger" the Pro link at all on "export to tape" whereas the old ADS card will get "export to tape" but the timeline indicator will not move even though you can hear the audio and appears to be exporting but is not. I don't know if I have a combination of a bad Pro-Link and Card(s). This is the toughest thing I have had happen! I updated my graphics card but when I stumbled across Dell driver Tool I got a warning about the graphic card driver and I rolled back to the old driver and that cleared the warning but fixed nothing. Could my graphics card( Radeon X300) have anything to do with this problem? Should I rule out PE3 problems?
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