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    How to get good quality slideshow?


      Im in a true war with Photoshop 6 Elements and Premiere 6 Elements to build a photo slideshow DVD to be played in a common DVD player on a LCD TV

      All photos were taken at least with 6 MB size and in 16:9 format, and edited in Photoshop 6 Elements for color, brightness and contrast correction, sharpness and other common adjustments. Soon afterwards they were downsized to 1920 X 1080 pixels with Genuine Fractal 5 PSE plugin, maintaining 72 dpi. I used this relative large size intending, in the future, to use these same pictures to build a slideshow in Blu-ray HD, and Genuine Fractal was used to get the best resizing without loss of quality.

      After these adjustments in PSE, these pictures were arranged in slideshow format in Phosotshop Elements itself (Create > slideshow), put the transitions and, in sequence, exported directly to Premiere 6 Elements. In PREL the clip was breaked apart for best edditing, adding here some titles, narration and exported in MPG clip.

      To build the MPG clip, I used the best adjustments settings: quality 5, target bitrate 7.5, maximum bitrate 8, VBR 2 pass. These clips were later arranged together to build the disc in Encore.

      I noted that, when editing the pictures in PREL6, the image were very small in Premiere Elements monitor, filling only 50% of the monitor screen, even having the pictures 1920 X 1080 pixels size, being necessary to manually increase its size to fill out the whole screen.

      When playing the DVD disc in the computer, the images were great, with good clearness and details and color consistence. However, when playing this DVD in a common player on a LCD TV, the image was terrible, losing all the clearness, with discolored colors, loss of details and with jagged edges.

      Did anybody already have this problem? Does some special technique or adjustments setting exist to prepare the pictures or the video clip to be presented as a slideshow in DVD on a 16:9 TV LCD?

      Thank you. Any help will be welcome.

      Valter - Brazil
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Something is definitely going wrong, if your photos are only filling 50% of your monitor, Valter.

          So try this:

          1) Make sure that your Premiere Elements project is using a preset that is 16:9.

          2) BEFORE you import your photos or slideshow into Premiere Elements, go to Premiere Elements Edit/Preferences and uncheck the Scale to Frame Size option.

          The other issue is that there could be a problem trying to go 16:9 from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements. It just may not go. But let's see if someone with experience there can make a recommendation.

          Meantime, do you get the right results if you create the slideshow in Premiere Elements?
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            Barb__O Level 4

            >The other issue is that there could be a problem trying to go 16:9 from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements.

            I agree that this could be a problem - but I am not sure. The Photoshop Elements slideshow has historically been 4:3. However, Premiere Elements does have the photo file available, so potentially it can use the 1920x1280 resolution.

            The only 16:9 that I have done was made completely in Premiere Elements 3 with a widescreen project setting and standard definition.


            Is your Premiere Elements project set for Standard Definition or High Def?

            In Photoshop Elements, what do you see if you play this slide show in the Preview area of the PSE slide show editor?

            >filling only 50% of the monitor screen

            please describe what area of the monitor screen in Premiere Elements does not contain the photo. Is it like the letterbox (black above and below) which can happen when playing a wide screen video on a 4:3?
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I believe you are on the right track here. It *seems* that the Project presets between PSE and PE are not matching, hence the reduced image size in PE.

              As I do all of my "slideshows" in Premiere (Pro), and use Photoshop to prepare my Asset images only, I might be missing something in a PSE to PE workflow. Howeve, when my Asset (still, or motion) comes in too small (or too large), it is a error (on my part) in preparing it for the Project Preset. Since I do not have any Presets (so to speak) in Phototshop (the full version, not Elements), I have to do the math on my own. In this case, there are actually two Projects, one in PSE and the other in PE and they
              b HAVE
              to match to get the sizes correct.


              [Edit] I have also not used Genuine Fractals since about version 1.1 (was Human Software then). I do not know how the newer GF plug-ins might/might not work when using PSE to PE. Could be something there too. I know that I had issues with some commercial printers and pre-press houses NOT having GF. Remember, this was in the really early days and was ONLY for the print side of image manipulation.
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                Steve and Barb

                Thank you for your reply.

                The PREL is adjusted for the Standard Definition Widescreen 16:9 preset, since DVD will be played in normal players, in other words, that are not HD.

                Maintaining checked the option Scale of Frame Size, the imported images of Photoshop fill about 50% of the central part of the monitor. In order the image to fill the whole monitor, that will result in a full screen in TV, it is necessary to increase the image size, dragging one of the edge while maintain pressed the SHIFT key, that will maintain the correct proportions of the image.

                Turning off the Scale of Frame Size option, the result is still worse. Instead of the image adjust itself to the frame, it become enormous, extrapolating the size of the monitor frame, being necessary now to downsize it to fit in the monitor. I can't figure what is the best size of the image that will fit correctly the frame size in PREL.

                Certainly it's time now to explain why not to create the slideshow directly in PREL.

                I use the option to make the slideshow in Photoshop Elements because, in this application, it is much easier to build the slideshow. For example, I can import music for the background, and all of the images will adjust its duration automatically for the exact time of this music with a press of a single button. I can apply, or reapply transitions in all images in batch. Another great advantage is that the slideshow is registered in Organizer. If I need to do some modification in the slideshow latter, as add or remove images, or to modify the type or time of the transitions, being other thinks, is enough to reopen it and do the modifications. The readjustment will happen in a batch, much faster if it was done in PREL. Automation of procedures is not the strong part of PREL.

                In relation to PREL to use images in 16:9 format, I don't see problems. After export the slideshow from Photoshop application to PREL, actually some type of video clip, I can restore this video clip as individual images, using the option Break Apart Photoshop Elements Slideshow, maintaining intact all the original characteristics of the image, as well the transitions, the background music, etc.

                In matter of quality, the slideshow preview, so much in the Photoshop slideshow application, as PREL, it is great. In the same way, the MPG clip of the slideshow, after its export in high quality in PREL, when seen in the computer (Windows Media Player or PowerDVD) is also great. The problem happens exactly when DVD is seen in LCD TV.

                It should be some settings that improve the quality of the image specifically when played back on LCD TV, like size of the image, the degree of sharpness, the brightness/contrast, etc.

                I thing that, the first think is to discover which would the ideal size of the images, in pixels, that will be imported in PREL, to get the best quality in DVD 16:9.

                Any idea?


                Valter - Brazil
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                  Thank you also for your reply.

                  As I've said before, PSE have many tools to automate the process of create and enhance the slideshow, but specially, when it's time to modify it during the project/test phase.

                  The integration between PSE and PREL is also very good. The clip exported from PSE to PREL is easily and flawlessy converted to full scale images when breaked apart, exactly as these images were produced in the Photoshop and imported individually in PREL. The difference is, when imported from PSE, the added elements, like music and transitions, time durations of the image will be retained. No modification is noted in the images itself, specially in its size or resolution.

                  Please note that, the final DVD, when played in the computer, looks perfectly, so I don't think that it's some kind of incompatibility between PSE and PREL, but instead, some kind of adjustments in setting that will enhance the "playability" on LCD TV, but I can't figure what it is at this moment.

                  I hope that somebody in this forum has had some experience in this issue and can share with us or, at least, discuss about it.

                  Thank you very much

                  Valter - Brazil
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                    Barb__O Level 4
                    >Please note that, the final DVD, when played in the computer, looks perfectly, so I don't think that it's some kind of incompatibility between PSE and PREL

                    What is the resolution of your computer monitor? Is the area of the screen in which you play the DVD, the full resolution of your computer monitor or is it a smaller area?

                    What is the screen size of your LCD TV? Is this an HD TV?

                    Valter, Steve, and Hunt

                    I have 2 ideas -

                    1- I still think that there may be a problem with sending the widescreen from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements. Why - because I think that PE scale to framesize should have given an image that filled the widescreen frame when the original photo files have the widescreen aspect ratio.

                    What if Valter does a test of a new Photoshop Elements slide show project where he downsizes a few photo files to the square pixel equivalent of SD widescreen in PAL or NTSC and then uses no pan or zoom on the slides for this test?

                    I don't know what those equivalent widescreen square pixel numbers are and I did not immediately find them in the FAQs - but I suspect they are present somewhere.

                    My objective would be to focus on the final DVD image quality when Premiere Elements should not need to do any downsizing or upsizing.

                    2 - A different test would be to make a short slide show in Premiere Elements with a SD widescreen project using a few of the 1920x1080 photo files. Using the "Create Slideshow" function of PE with default timing and transitions should be sufficient for this test because we are troubleshooting the quality of the images. This test would require burning the DVD in order to do a comparison on the LCD TV.


                    I do understand all your reasons for wanting to use the PSE slide show editor. Some of these PSE slideshow functions do have alternatives in Premiere Elements: however I am not adding comments on the PE alternatives to this thread because the focus of this thread is the image quality and whether sending a PSE slide show to a PE widescreen SD project quality can deliver acceptable image quality on the final DVD.

                    Because your objective is to make photo slide shows that play on your LCD TV, I will also mention other software that I know many Photoshop Elements customers use and like. It is ProShow Gold by the company Photodex: I do not know if it is available in Brazil. The muvipix.com community started a subforum about ProShow at
                    where you can find people who know both ProShow and Premiere Elements.
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                      Dear Barb

                      The resolution of my monitor is 1280 x 1024. The quality of image of DVD, when played in the computer is great. I made tests in other computers with different resolutions, and the quality stays excellent.

                      My LCD TV is a Sony Bravia 40" and, yes, it is a HD TV. However, the DVD player is not Blu-Ray, therefore, DVD is played in the normal NTSC resolution. My DVD player still allows to upscalling for 720p or 1080i, but I didn't see any difference in the quality of the image.

                      Commercial DVD disc, as of bought or rented in Blockbuster, maintains a great image in this LCD TV, therefore, the problem is, definitively, in the development of my domestic DVD.

                      In relation to the tests that you proposed:

                      In no images was applied effects type "pan or zoom." I also tested some few different pictures size, and I didn't notice any improvement of the image, although I have not made a very extensive test, hoping that somebody already had an experience in this issue and share their solutions with us in this Forum.

                      The resizing of the images in PREL after import in PSE is mandatory, because if I don't do this resizing, the DVD image in 16:9 LCD TV it will be smaller than the size of the full screen of that TV. BTW, the production of DVD is already being made with the preset Widescreen SD, no HD, exactly because the DVD disc won't be played in a HD player, such Blu-ray, at this moment. As I said previously, I am already using images with 1920 x 1080.

                      I didn't test different pixels aspects in different pictures sizes. For instance, all of the pictures imported in PREL had maintained its original relationship (1.0), although I know that images in widescreen may request a different relationship (1.2). I didn't modify this relationship when importing and editing in PREL through "interpret footage" option because all of the pictures were taken and already edited in PSE in wide format.

                      My question now: is this issue really important? The final quality of the image will be affected by this relationship?

                      We have available ProShow Gold, and I already tested it. I didn't like it, because it was unstable and somewhat slow in my computer.

                      I'm stucked. I really don't know what to do more to improve the DVD image. I'm waiting for some light.


                      Valter - Brazil
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                        Hi Valter,

                        I found this message because I have the same problem as you, but in Adobe Encore CS4. When I create slideshows in Adobe Encore CS4 and then build them, they look "fine" when played on a computer DVD player.

                        However, when playing the authored DVD on an actual DVD player attached to a TV, the playback is cropped, images come out extremely dark, and there are occasional flickers in the audio.

                        I've done a lot more testing of building slideshows in Adobe Encore CS4, before I came to this realization:


                        I have no choice but to learn what other DVD slideshow building software is out there. So far, Nero, and even Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with windows seems better than Adobe Encore CS4, in terms of building slideshows.

                        I am extremely frustrated how obvious that there was absolutely no quality assurance testing with Adobe Encore CS4. When you use Adobe Encore CS4, the whole feel of using the software is that it was totally rushed out the door at about 55% complete.

                        -the library skips out occasional images when importing multiple images (WTF???????????????)
                        -Encore CS4 slows down literally, exponentially, as you add a lot of images to the library. At about 500 images of about 3-4 megs each, my Core 2 Quad with 6 gigs of ram slows to a crawl.
                        -when in the slow state, Adobe Encore CS4 crashes randomly
                        -authored playback is cropped
                        -authored playback comes out extremely dark on DVD players
                        -99 slide limit, which is overcome by dividing the slideshow into two slideshows, but.. there is a long and awkward pause when shifting between two slideshows during playback

                        Adobe should just do everyone a favor and have the slideshow component removed so that no one wastes their time building slideshows in Adobe Encore CS4, then to see it come out like total crap.
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                          By the way, although I think Encore CS4 completely sucks, most of the other programs like Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver came out relatively bug-free.. especially compared too.. Adobe Encore CS4.
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                            Dear Sam

                            I'm sorry that you have problems with Encore, but please understand that Encore isn't a effective tool to build slideshows, but it's a great authoring tool to build DVD's.

                            Encore is a perfect tool when you need to complete a DVD production, with language subtitles and to build superb menus with complex paths.

                            It's also a great application when you need to build a "mixed" DVD that's have both video and computer files in the same disc, like PDF, DOC, PPT and so on.

                            Encore is excellent in it's native function thanks to a complete visual interface, with intuitive flowcharts and drag-and-drop facilities.

                            So, to build my slideshow DVD, I first use Photoshop and Premiere Elements to create a MPEG clip file. I use Premiere Elements because I have a total control of the movie rendering process, trading between quality and size. After the rendering, I import all MPEG movie clip files to Encore to aggregate them in a logical flowchart and to build menus. Encore does all the rest, including checking for consistence. I personally doesn't use Encore to burn a DVD. Instead, I export the finished work as an image file and use the excellent and free applet ImgBurn to finally burn the DVD.

                            If you need to build slideshows, please consider the Photoshop and Premiere Elements combo. Although I have problems with the final quality image, specifically for large 16:9 LCD TV, I really think that it's a question of time to find the correct settings.

                            You may also consider the leadership program for slideshows called ProShow Gold, from Photodex. I don't use it, but many people like it very much.

                            Take care

                            Valter - Brazil.
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                              Barb__O Level 4

                              I suggest that you read the posts in the following thread on the Photoshop Elements forum. This thread is also about attempting a widescreen slide show. The approach that Don sugggested in PSE /PRE 7 creates a WMV file with widescreen parameters instead of doing the Send Slideshow. I do not know if this workflow will work for you - however if you make choices for SD widescreen (instead of HD), it may work. So I suggest that you try that process in PSE 6/PRE4 and then post your experiences and results. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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                                Stosh Clayton

                                I've been using Adobe Encore CS4 to author Blu-Ray discs with slide shows on my iMac.


                                When I import high-quality 16:9 MPEG photos directly into Encore and build a slide show using Encore, the results are terrible when viewed on a big-screen HDTV connected to a Blu-Ray player.  The colors seem off, and the resolution is horrible.  There are all sorts of jagged edges and other artifacts.  It looks far worse that a slideshow on a standard-definition DVD built using iPhoto and iDVD.


                                A better solution is to simply build the slideshow in iPhoto and export it as a QuickTime movie file (*.mov).  You have to play around a bit to find the option in iPhoto that allows custom settings, but once you find it you can encode the slideshow in H.264 with full 1920 x 1080 resolution.  Then you can import the resulting *.mov file into Encore as an asset, then create a timeline for it.  You basically treat it like a movie.


                                Encore CS4 has lots of bug in it.  For example, I just downloaded the latest update yesterday (I think it was 4.0.1).  Now, whenever I try to build a Blu-Ray disc, I get an error message.  So I had to use Apple Time Machine to restore the previous version of Encore (, which works fine.


                                Another bug is that you can't change the title of a menu in Encore.  Encore has a very limited number of HD menus.  If you want to change the title of a menu from the generic one provided ("Our Travel Diaries", for example) to your own title ("Our 2009 Summer Vacation", for example), you can't do it in Encore.  I have to export the menu to Photoshop Elements, change the text there, and re-import it into Encore.  You can change the titles of buttons in Encore.  But not the actual menu title.  This is ridiculous.


                                Also, Encore isn't much good for burning Blu-Ray discs.  I simply create a *.iso image file in Encore, then burn it using Roxio Toast 10 Titanium.


                                Anyway, with these various workarounds, I'm able to create high-quality Blu-Ray discs with movies and slideshows that look great on my 60-inch Sony SXRD TV.


                                I edit my HDV movies using Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1 (a couple of versions old, but it works), then use Compressor to export the movie as an HDV 1080i60 Quicktime file, which I import into Encore, which then encodes it using H.264.


                                One bug I encountered with my Sony Blu-Ray player is that when I installed the latest software update, it somehow set the player to downconvert 1080i and 1080p material to 480p.  The results looked terrible, and I initially blamed Encore.  However, I eventually discovered the problem and reset the player to output everything in 1080p.  Now my home movies look great on Blu-Ray.


                                Anyway, Encore CS4 needs a lot of work.  Unfortunately, Apple does not yet produce any software that can be used to author a Blu-Ray disc.  When they do, I'll probably throw Encore and Premiere Pro in the trash.  The only reason I bought Premiere Pro is because you need to buy it to get Encore, and Encore is currently the only affordable Blu-Ray authoring software for the Mac that works (or, more accurately, "sort of works").  Toast Titanium claims to have Blu-Ray authoring capability, but I've tried it and it's worthless as an authoring tool (though it works great as a burning tool).


                                Incidentally, I tried importing my Final Cut Pro HDV movie into Premiere Pro CS4 as an XML file, which is supposed to be the best way to get it into Encore, but this method caused all sorts of problems and I eventually had to abandon it. 


                                It's a shame that somebody doesn't produce a simple suite of consumer-grade Mac-compatible tools that can be used for the entire HD workflow from camera to Blu-Ray disc, similar to the way in which iMovie, iPhoto, and iDVD work for standard-definition DVDs.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Unfortunately, you have posted into an older thread for PrElements.


                                  I'd strongly suggest that you repost to the Encore - SlideShow sub-forum.


                                  While I use Encore for all of my authoring (on a PC), I do not use its SlideShow feature much. I do all of my SlideShows in PrPro, so I can't be of much help. Others in the Encore - SlideShow sub-forum can, and will.


                                  Good luck,