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    PE2 stops encoding at same spot

      In three tries, my PE2 project stopped encoding at 47.77% each time. The project is stored on an external hard drive, and is currently in the stage of being the first and last 1 minute of what will be a 15 minute video. It includes pix, A/v and audio. Any suggestions?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Because the program encodes in two passes, that might seem to indicate that the problem is at the end of your movie.

          Sometimes the program has a problem is the end of the movie has video but nothing on the audio track and vice versa. Try placing some black audio or video on a parallel track, if this the case, and see if that helps.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Along with Steve's suggestion, I'd look for "gaps" in the Video. These can be tiny (one frame) and so very hard to spot.

            I use the Zoom on the Timeline to go up as large as is possible first, then carefully step through my Clips with the PageUP/PageDown keys. Watch the CTI (Current Time Indicator) carefully, as it *should* step from the head (or tail) of one Clip smoothly and directly to the head of the next. If it seems to hang, then jump, it is likely that one has a gap. They cause havoc with the Transcoding process. Eliminate them, even if they are only one frame in Duration.

            Ofen, with Zooming all the way in, they are optically evident, but the PageUp/PageDown method will show even apparently invisible ones.

            NLE's are a lot more lenient with Video but no Audio, than any spot with no Video - that is a recipe for some sort of problem. This is especially true, when authoring to DVD (or other Export forms). The DVD-video spec (the one that we all use most of the time) is very clear - you can have Video without Audio, but you CANNOT have Audio without Video.

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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              47.77 x 2 = 95.54% of the way through the movie on the timeline.
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                Level 1
                Well, the solution was to take one 15-second video clip video out of the whole project. Knowing that 47.78% meant that the problem was at the end of the project helped me identify where I needed to look. Luckily, my random selection paid off, as the second clip I deleted was the one that was trouble. (I was dreading the prospect of a hit-or-miss hunt for a troubled clip.) Curiously, the first clip I took out was a rolling title, and the project kept stopping at 0.18% of encoding. (This happened even after I added a video track and audio tracks so there were no gaps for the duration of the project; and added a unified audio/video track at the end of the project.) The project that worked had the rolling title, but not my second tested clip.
                And the punch line is that I then re-added the trouble clip, and the project worked fine and encoded and burned everything. Curious.
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                  Wow! I have suffered from the same problems, but I have not been able to fix them. I have a project that is 114 minutes long and includes multiple edited video clips, music, sound bites, rolling titles, etc - a family movie project. Every time I try to do the DVD burn option, the encoding stops at exactly the same place every time - at 27.34%. I followed most of the suggestions on this forum, including checking for gaps in audio and video. I filled in any gaps with blank audio and video, or just closed the gaps. I also had to move a bunch of video from track 2 to track 1. I have tried burning it to a file and to a DVD, but I've gotten the same results time after time. I even copied the project from my Dell and moved it to my laptop, which has much more RAM and storage. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

                  Above it is mentioned that Ned removed a clip that was "a problem". How did you know that it was a problem? Is there some way to know if there is a clip that is causing the problem? Also, is there any sort of a log somewhere that I could access to see all about the progress of the encoding? Please! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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                    Paul_LS Level 4
                    If you have problems at 27.34% you need to check your timeline at 54.68% as it is a two pass burn process. Do you have a new clip start here? or maybe a transition???

                    One thing to try is export your timeline as a DV-AVI... File>Export>Movie, bring this back into PE add DVD markers/menu and burn.
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      Following Paul LS's advice, have a close look at that point in the Timeline. What is different about the Asset(s) at that spot?

                      If you cannot spot some inconsistancy, try replacing that/those Asset(s) with Black Video, just as a test. Do a test burn on a DVD RW (so you will not be making "coasters"). Does the Project burn?

                      As for gaps, it is the Video that one needs to be concerned with. NLE's and authoring apps do not have problems with gaps in the Audio Tracks. You could have a totally silent movie, so long as there are no gaps in the Video.


                      PS and thanks again to Paul for pointing out that PE uses a 2-pass encoding scheme. That one tripped me up earlier, as I use a different program to encode and had missed that important aspect.