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    Cannot Add Multiple Music Files to Instant Movie Music


      I am trying to create an instant movie but i simply cannot add more than one music file\track.

      When i click on browse for theme music, i've tried holding down ctrl and selecting multiple files but can only select one and add one to the theme.

      Manual says "
      Music Specifies whether to use the theme music, your own music (click Browse to locate and open it), or no music. You can select multiple music clips (you can select them here or from the Organizer as part of the original asset selection), and they are played in the order selected. Drag the slider between Music/Sound FX and My Clips to set the amount of soundtrack and audio effects used versus the sound from your clips. InstantMovie syncs with the beats of the music, so changing the song may significantly change the results. In addition, changing the song changes the duration of the movie to match the duration of the new song. "

      What am i doing wrong...?