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    Importing fonts

      How do you import fonts and have them remain for future projects? I imported a few fonts but when i start a new project they don't show up.. I tried importing them and then saving as "New project" so I could try to get them to show up on all "new projects" but that didn't work.. How do I make them permanent fixtures in my PE7?
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          Download AMP Font Viewer from here:


          It will let you intall fonts temporarily or permanently.

          Otherwise, in Windows, go into the Control Panel (Start > Control Panel) and select "Fonts." Under the file menu you can install new fonts.
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            Let me clarify.. I have these fonts already installed on my computer. However the only way to use them in PE7 is by using the drop down arrow in the text section (next to currently used font).. I want to place them permanently on display with the other displayed fonts in PE7.I have importd them and placed them there only to have them dissapear when relauching PE7.. thanks guys. I decribed this as best as I could.
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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              You must be talking about the Styles. If so, I don't have any problems saving a style on my computer. The style is still there the next time I use PRE7.

              One thing that could prevent the style from being permanently saved is if the file "workingset.prsl" has a Read Only attribute on it.

              My Styles are stored in

              C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Styles\workingset.prsl

              Find your workingset.prsl in Windows Explorer, then right-click on the filename and select Properties from the pop-up menu. See if there is a checkmark next to Read-Only. If there is, then clear it off.