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    How do I open a file?

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      I go to "get media from" and point to "files and folders". I then open up the file I need (so far, it's been mpeg and mp4 that I've tried) and then nothing happens. I don't see the video I'm trying to edit anwhere on the screen. I've hit the play button on the monitor screen, but still nothing. What do I do?

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          When one "Gets Media" that/those file(s) are brought into the Project Panel. If you switch your Panel view to Project, you should see them there. If you dbl-click on one, it *should* open in the Source Monitor and you can Play, or set the In and Out Points. You then drag that Asset to the Timeline Panel to get it to a place where you will assemble your Clips into a "movie." It is actually a two-step process: Import Assets, then drag the Asset to the Timeline. Note: I always work in Timeline View, and do not know the ins-n-outs of the Scenline View. Also, I work almost exclusively in Premiere Pro, so my names, like "Project Panel," might be calles something similar, yet different, in PE. Others will correct any naming mistakes I have made.

          I'd wager that you have already done the Import, and are just not looking at the Project Panel to see your Imported Assets.

          Good luck,

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            Thanks for the help Bill, but the "My project" panel is already open, however, there's no files at all showing in it.