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    Applying Transitions

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      Is there a way of applying the same transition between multiple clips at once rather than dragging them between each pair of clips one at a time?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The only way to do it is to add all the clips at once by selecting them in the project media panel, right-clicking and selecting the option to Create Slideshow (even if they are video clips). You'll then see an option screen to apply a transition between each of the clips.
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            Right click on the transition you want as default and select "Set as default transition".
            Then go to the Media Bin (in the Edit tab not the Organizer tab) and select (Crtl + click on each still/clip, or use Shift and select first and last) the stills/clips you want in your video. At the top of the Media Bin click on the "More" button and select Create Slideshow (or right click on the clips and select Create Slideshow). Set your options and the video will appear on the timeline with the default transition.
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              Thanks for this info. gentlemen. As the clips were already in the scenline I did have to apply the transitions singly.

              I shall remember your advice for the next time.

              Thanks again