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    PE4 clip scale ignored when "shared"

      I've searched for this topic but can't find anything that helps, and Google is no help either. I've got PE4, and I've got a 4 minute clip that I've scaled up to 130% by right-clicking on the clip, choosing Clip Properties and using the Motion function's Scale slide bar. Everything looks perfect in the preview pane. If I use File>Export to avi, the final product is perfect. However, if I use the SHARE menu to create the wmv file I actually want, the final product ignores the fact that the clip is scaled up... it reverts to its original scale.

      I've right-clicked the clip and unchecked the "Scale to Frame" option. I've gone into the preferences and unchecked the "Default Scale To Frame Size" option. I can't find any other settings that might cause the scale to be ignored or superceded when using the SHARE menu.

      I have figured out the long way to work around this... first File>Export as an avi (since wmv isn't an export option) and then load that avi as a new project and use the SHARE menu to convert it to the wmv file that I want. But I am frustrated that I have to go through these extra steps (and long long rendering time) when I should be able to use the SHARE menu to create a wmv file and get exactly what I see in the preview pane.

      Any ideas?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I've personally never experienced this, Joel.

          What is that clip and where did it come from? Is it a photo? If so, what is the resolution? (Is it larger than the recommended 1000x750 pixels?)
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            It's a video clip from a miniDV camera, which I've used constantly for more than a year for all my videos. I'm no expert or anything, but I have been using PE4 for quite a while and have made numerous videos with tons of editing and used plenty of effects and animations... I've never had this happen before but maybe I've never had to zoom ("scale") a video clip before. I know I've scaled and animated still images before with no problem. Interestingly, I can share it as a Quicktime movie and it renders just fine. I really don't want to sit here and render a version in every format possible to see what works and what does not. (I've always accepted the fact that it takes something like an hour and a half to "share" even a four minute video... but maybe there's something wrong there as well.)
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              You've stumped me, Joel! Sorry.
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                Looks lieka case for tech support to me
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                  New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                  Might want to present the problem to the forum at Muvipix, worth a shot anyway ;)
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                    ok, I am writing Tech Support and looking to muvipix now. Thanks for the advice. I have tried several other clips in the meantime and have the same problem every time... it will export correctly as an avi or mov or dvd, but not as a wmv (it always reverts to the original scale when saved as wmv).

                    I'll try to post any solutions so if anyone else has the problem, maybe it will help them.
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                      New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                      If you were to post the question at Muvipix this is what I would recommend.

                      Take the good AVI file that you exported and then import that file into a Windows Movie Maker project, then export WMV from there. Does the WMV from Movie Maker look correct?

                      Free tutorial on using Windows Movie Maker for conversions over at Muvipix.com
                      Converting from WMV to DV-AVI using Movie Maker
                      Same principle, just reverse the formats.
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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                        You'll have to provide the exact values for the various parameters. I couldn't see anything wrong when I exported to WMV through Share after resizing to 130%.
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                          Sorry, I don't know what you mean by the exact values for the various parameters. Which parameters? It's a widescreen miniDV clip imported directly from the camera via PE4. There's some junk at the bottom of the shot that I wish was not in the shot, and the main subject is a bit small anyway, so I am able to use the Clip Properties and the slide the scale up to 130%... then the junk is no longer in the shot and the main subject fills the preview pane just fine. I can watch it in the preview pane, in Full Screen, I can export that as an avi, an mpg, a mov, or even burn a DVD and it looks just fine (i.e. the shot is still scaled to 130% and the junk is no longer in the shot) BUT if I create a wmv file through the SHARE tab, the resulting file has ignored the 130% scale and returned to the original scale (so the junk is back in the shot and the subject is small again).

                          As mentioned, I can export an avi file and it's fine, so of course I can then import that avi file as a new project and create a new wmv, which is also fine, or use any external converter to create the wmv file. But the question is WHY this would happen... why would using the SHARE tab to create a wmv end up ignoring the scale when every other method of rendering the video seems to work fine?

                          As far as the parameters of the wmv file, I don't have the program in front of me, but I'm using the presets. I've tried it using the various wmv presets (each one rendering a different pixel dimension) and all the wmv files ignore the fact that I've scaled the clip and instead they all produce a file that looks like the original clip (with the junk in the shot).

                          If it's something I can fix so I don't have to use my little work-around, I'd like to fix it. It'd save me a lot of time and effort and disk space.
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                            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                            Just as I suspected. If you didn't go into the advanced Share settings and change the dimensions and aspect ratio to match your project, then you ended up with standard definition video. The Share settings are not like the File > Export settings. The File > Export settings match the project preset by default, but the Share settings do not.

                            This is how the program works assuming you used the Cable Modem DSL default settings. The original unscaled widescreen video of yours is zoomed to fit in 320 x 240 (4:3), THEN it is scaled 130%. You can see a similar effect if you started a Standard project but used your widescreen video. You'll see that it is scaled to the standard frame size and still has room at the top and bottom as indicated by the black bars. If you then scale it to 130%, the imperfections are still there. They don't get chopped off with those dimensions and aspect ratio.

                            There is an option called "Scale to Frame Size" that is accessible by right-clicking on the clip on the timeline. That setting applies to other export settings as well. If your export settings are 120 x 120, then your video is "scaled to frame size" so it fits entirely in that space, then it is scaled 130%.

                            If you go into the advanced settings and change the dimensions from 320 x 240 (4:3) to 320 x 180 (16:9), then you will chop off the imperfections and have a widescreen video instead of a standard video with a widescreen video inside of that. That assumes you leave the pixel aspect ratio setting at 1.0 square pixel.

                            Does that make sense, and does it apply to your situation, do you think?