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    Getting Media

      I use a Canon HDV Vixia30 camera and Priemere Elements 7.0. Every time I download from the camera, It is downloaded as one clip. I used older versions of priemere elemnts, no HD. and the clips were always seperated. I am still new to this and am not sure of what I am doing wrong.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          PE& will capture HDV as one file... there is no capture by timecode feature in PE7. If you want this you can download the free HDVSplit, capture your clips and bring them into PE7.

          Alternatively you can try the split by content feature in PE7. It will try to detect scene changes from the content and split the clips "virtually"... ie in your media bin you will have multiple clips but actually it is one clip on your harddrive.
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            Please check the scene detect option ( this is scene detect by content). You can find this option in the right hand side of capture window.
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              I have the same issue and the same camera. Recording at HDV 30 fps. Split scene by content is checked and it does not split the scenes. ALso under the clip dropdown scene detect is greyed out. Any thoughts?
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                New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                Premiere Elements has always had trouble with the HV30 for some reason.
                Use HDVSplit to capture, it is free.

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