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    How to edit (split/crop) original captured avi files

      I have a whole library of camcorder tapes that I want to convert. But I don't necessarily want to save all the video.

      Let's say the first tape has 15 minutes of good footage that I want to preserve. Then there is 10 minutes that is not worth saving. Then another 20 minutes of video worth saving.

      I capture the whole 45 minutes of tape.

      How do I edit/split/crop that 45 min .avi file into two .avi files (1st 15 minutes and last 20 minutes).

      I know I can edit/crop this within PE (using the full 45 min avi file). But I want to end up with two separate .avi files only saving the material I want to.

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          I would duplicate my project that contains the 1st 15 minutes and the last 20 minutes with all the bad footage edited out. Save one as Project 1 and then do a Save As and name it Project 2. Delete the second avi from the timeline of Project 1 and the first avi from Project 2 and voila two separate avis.
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            You can also export any part of a project that you want.

            Let's say you have 45 minutes of footage in your timeline. You can set the workbar to span the first 15 minutes, and click File > Export. Make sure you check the option that says "workbar only" and not "entire project". Voila, you have a 15 minute DVI.

            Then set the workbar to span minutes 26 to 46, export again, and you've got your 20 minute AVI.

            I do this all the time.

            Also, if the video you want to save is sliced into clips (15 min, 10 min, 20 min), I believe you can also just click on the clip you want to export, then click File > Export, and it will automatically export only the clip you had selected (I'm pretty sure this is possible, since I've accidentally done it - not sure of the particulars since I'm not in front of my home computer).

            Would either of those work for you?

            Archiving might work, too??? IOW, edit out the bad stuff, then archive your project... that might automatically create the separate AVIs for you...
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              Thanks to everyone for their responses. I realized that my description of what I want to do more complicated than needed. I essentially want to take an .avi file and split it into multiple files (and discard the unwanted ones).

              Ed Macke's suggestion to export a work area will allow to do that.

              For novice PE user's like myself, select File->Export->Movie->Settings to select Range: Work Area.

              Thanks again for the quick response.
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                I do a similar trick to save HD space. I edit HS football videos into a DVD with approximately 120 scenes for the coaches. I edit out the time between plays or about 50% of the film. When I know I will never use the extra footage again (like last years games), I export the whole film as an AVI. I then import that AVI as an extra track and delete all of the original tracks. When done, I can still make a DVD with all 120 scenes since they all line up at the same time line scene markers. I will take 20-25 Gb and reduce it to 8-10 Gb with no loss of quality due to DVD compression.