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    folders, why so many? help..

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      Why does PE7 create so many folders? I start a "project" then it creates a folder where I specify (my videos) but then the autosave creates an additional folder with "Project-1" then an aditional set of 3 folders (preview,encoded,media) and all are empty but the media cache.. Then i have to hunt within them to choose the most current saved version to reopen..because the most current saved one would "project-1 .Why doesn't it just make a primary folder and then continually out of that? Instead of adding more folders? Since I 've been working the bugs out I have the Autosave set for every 5 minutes and save maxium saves 5... What would be an ideal setting?Or, am I doing something wrong? I'm learning to hate and love this program...:)I need a little guidence please.