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    Question: PE4 -- missing presets, project settings frame size disabled

      Hi -- I'm running PE4 and with YouTube's new widescreen abilities, I want to make some widescreen (16:9) videos, rather than the ol' 4:3 ratio.

      However, in the intitial set up when I'm creating a new video, when I attempt to change settings, I discover that all the presets are missing. Using windows explorer, I discover that they are all no longer available. Where did they go?

      And by the same token, I can't seem to edit my settings, either. From the edit menu, then preset settings, then general... The frame sizes are disabled and no amount of fiddling with the other settings will enable them.

      Am I missing something obvious?

      I also feel that the simplest way of fixing the problem would be for someone running PE4 to create a wide screen video in 16:9 and e-mail me the working files. I should be able to clone that over and over for videos. Just an idea.

      Please help!