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    Import HD files into Premiere Elements to create standard def DVD

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      I have Premiere Elements 2.0, and I assume I need an upgrade to 7.0 to accomplish any of this, but here is my question.
      I am not Blu-Ray upgraded on my home computer yet. I am looking at sending 8mm film for digital conversion, and the company offers to do this in High Def. I would like to get the files in high def as long as I can either 1) import the files as standard def and edit then create standard def DVD's or 2) import as high def then create standard def DVD's. Again, I assume Elements 2.0 cannot import a high def video as standard def (option #1), so someone correct me if I am wrong. I assume I need to go ahead and upgrade to Elements 7.0. Will Elements 7.0 allow me to do this?

      Eventually I will be all high def. But for now, I would love to have the 8mm converted to high def for future high def DVD's, but create standard def DVD's now. I really don't want to get the films converted to standard def files and regret it later, and have to pay for high def conversion in the future!