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    Colour space issues


      I'm trying to figure out what's going on with colour spaces once I export a video. I've made a video from srgb jpegs and everything looks fine in Premiere Elements, but as soon as I export it as a video (have trived several formats) the colours are dulled and the contrast reduced (a common colour space issue).

      Does anyone know why this happens and if so how to avoid it?

      Specifically in this case I'm exporting photos from Photoshop Lightroom to srgb jpegs which I then import to Premiere Elements 7. The original pictures as well as the jpegs look fine. The jpegs and the movie also looks fine inside Premiere, but as soon as I export it to an avi or quicktime file I get something like a 15% decrease of both contrast and saturation.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Try not using the sRGB photo profile. It's apparently giving you a false representation of the picture.
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            Yes, but I don't understand what's happening here - the pictures look accurate in every single instance and program including Premiere, only the exported Premiere video doesn't.

            And here's where it gets really odd (I just tried this now): After uploading the video to Vimeo and having it auto processed there it once again looks fine. I then downloaded the same video from that website and the colours are fine in the downloaded file too. Colour me confused!
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              I just did some further testing.. I saved the same pictures in adobergb and then made a video with those as well as srgb pictures while comparing them to the previous videos.


              1) In Premiere the AdobeRGB files look less contrasty and colourful than srgb (and less than they in Lightroom as well).

              2) After exporting and comparing to the previous video I made the results are a bit all over the place. The AdobeRGB pictures are significantly less contrasty and saturated while the srgb pictures are a mix between being the same as before (not as contrasty as they're supposed to be, but more than the AdobeRGB) and actually being just about right (which they weren't before).

              I have no idea what's going on here..
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                That's the nature of color profiles, Marc.

                They give you a consistent look -- but in some programs they can come out very different than you expect them to look.

                Try working on a photo with with no color profile at all.
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                  But the (srgb) pictures look the same in the following cases:

                  Raw files displayed in Lighroom, exported srgb jpegs viewed in Acdsee, and inside Premiere Elements as well as played inside PE in the pre-rendered video. Further, they look the same in the processed video file from Vimeo.

                  The only time they are off is in the exported Premiere video file. Somehow Vimeo fixes them during processing, but surely if Vimeo can do it Premiere can too?
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                    Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                    One problem exporting to Quicktime from Premiere Elements has been discussed in the past, and it was found that PE does not correctly write atom data to the MOV header, so that when you play back the MOV file, it plays back in Apples color space on a PC, giving it a washed out look. The only computer where they will look correct is on an Apple computer. I've exported to Quicktime in other applications, and the results come out correctly when played on a PC.

                    And then, media players can make the video look too dark or too light, depending on which video renderer is used. In some video applications you have an option to select from 4 different types of video rendering for previewing playback. Some make the video look perfect while others make the video have less contrast. Then you may think that your video or images don't look right, and you start making color corrections.

                    On my computer Premiere Elements doesn't use the overlay mode, which is the mode that most closely resembles playback on my TV when the DVD player has black levels turned off. When editing in Premiere Elements, highlights look blown out. At one time I would compensate by changing the contrast and brightness. But after burning a DVD and playing it back on TV through the DVD player or in Windows Media Player, the video was too dark.

                    I've learned not to mess with the color too much in Premiere Elements. Not everyone will be able to play back your video and see it the way you intended.
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                      Thank you - that was helpful! I just tried to save as avi and indeed the output is much closer to what I see inside PE. It's still a bit less contrasty and saturated, but nothing like the quicktime output.

                      It should be possible to run the same colour space and profile in the editor and in a video player so that on any calibrated monitor the results should be very close. This is done with still images all the time after all (though I'm having my own issues there as well).
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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                        If you want more control over color spaces, then you need the Pro version. There are many articles by Adobe on color spaces in Premiere Pro.
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                          Thank you, good to know.
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                            Thanks Robert, that was indeed very helpful!!